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What Happened to Demi Moore – 2024 Update & News

Demi Moore was a familiar face to those who witnessed the prominence of Brat Pack films in the 80’s, and who can ever forget her clay-smeared romantic scene with Patrick Swayze? Do you remember her as a steaming seductress, or as a tough girl with a buzz cut? She has gone through many roles, just as how she has gone through a lot in life. Read on and find out what happened to Demi Moore, how she became a star, her trials and tribulations, and what is she up to now:

From Tough Childhood to Stardomdemi-moore-childhood

Demi Gene Guynes was born on November 11, 1962 to parents Charles Harmon, an Air Force service man,and Virginia Beverly née King. Charles left Virginia after two months of marriage and before Demi was born. Her birth name was believed to be Demetria, but the actress herself confirmed on Twitter that it was just Demi, and it was based on a hair product her mother saw on a magazine.

She was born and raised in Roswell, New Mexico, and grew up with a very challenging childhood in a trailer park. When Demi was three months of age, her mother married Danny Guynes, a newspaper ad space salesman. She grew up believing him to be her biological father. Both Danny and Virginia were alcoholic, and their verbal arguments escalated into beatings.

Her stepfather’s pursuit of a stable job, and escape from debts, forced the family to move a lot of times. From the age of five until her teenage years, Demi’s family did not stay in one place for too long, and due to this she was unable to have long term friendships and was forced to transfer schools a lot of times. In the long run, their frequent moving taught Demi how to quickly adapt to new surroundings and new faces, and she believed that this was a major factor in her becoming an actress.

Demi described her young self as being spectacled, having very short hair, and clumsy. She was also born with a crossed right eye, forcing her to wear a black eye patch to conceal it until its correction with surgeries. She also had problems with her kidneys, resulting in recurrent hospitalizations.

At the age of 13, Demi learned that Danny was not her biological father after finding the latter’s marriage certificate with Virginia. Ultimately she found out the truth about her real father, Charles Harmon. Danny and Virginia eventually divorced two years later, and the former committed suicide a month before Demi’s 17th birthday. Danny ended his life by carbon monoxide poisoning.

Demi and her mother moved to a small apartment in Los Angeles, and she was enrolled in Fairfax High. At 16 years of age she dropped out of school, lived solo in a new apartment, and worked as a debt collector. As her crossed right eye was corrected, Demi tried her hand in modelling. Some of her ventures in being a model involved posing nude for Oui, a men’s magazine, and as a pin-up girl in Europe.demi-freddy-moore

It was also during this year when she met Freddy Moore, a band member of The Kats, in a Los Angelesnightclub named Troubadour. By that time Freddy was still married to another woman, but that did not stop the two from moving in together. Freddy later on divorced his wife and married the 18 year old Demi. She co-wrote the songs “Changing”, “Heat”, and “It’s Not a Rumour” (she also appeared in the music video for this song) with Freddy for his renamed band the Nu Kats.

Nastassja Kinski, an aspiring German actress, lived right next door to Demi and Freddy. She helped Demi learn how to read scripts and inspired her to take up drama classes. She played as Corri in a supporting role for the 1981 teen drama Choices. A year later, she had her first major role in the science fiction / horror film Parasite as Patricia Welles, with her husband Freddy playing a minor role as Arn.

Demi landed a regular role for two years in the long-running television show General Hospital as the investigative journalist Jackie Templeton. She also briefly appeared in the 1982 comedy Young Doctors in Love.

Demi’s acting career soared to new heights, and with it new challenges arose. She used her earnings to buy a house situated in Hollywood, with rooms for Virginia and younger half-brother Morgan Guynes. However, she did not know how to handle her sudden newfound fame, and some of the salaries she received were spent on a lifestyle of drugs, booze, and party. Her mother even alleged that she and Demi were both into heavy drinking, and doing drugs.

In 1984, Demi played the role of Holly Trumbull in the first episode of the television series The Master, Laura Victor in the film No Small Affair, and Nicole Hollis in Blame It on Rio. 1984 also saw her divorce with Freddy, and her casting in the drama film St. Elmo’s Fire along with the Brat Pack (the nickname given to the group of young stars who were often casted together in teen movies) members Rob Lowe, Emilio Estevez, Judd Nelson, Ally Sheedy, and others.

Joel Schumacher, the film’s director, threatened to fire Demi from the cast if she did not get sober. The actress sought rehabilitation, and after several weeks she went back to the set clean and sober. From that point on, Demi never looked back again to her previous lifestyle. The film, released in 1985, was a success in the box office, but gathered negative reviews. It did, however, give Demi some international recognition.

She began dating fellow actor and Brat Pack member Emilio Estevez, was engaged to him in 1985, and already set December 1986 as their wedding date. The two starred in the 1986 film Wisdom (which was also written and directed by Estevez). In the same year, Demi starred alongside John Cusack in One Crazy Summer, and Rob Lowe in About Last Night…. Demi and Rob received praises for their performances, with Moore hailed as “especially impressive”.


Demi broke up with Emilio in 1987, met Bruce Willis in the same year during the screening of Stakeout (a film where Emilio played a lead role), and eventually married with their ceremony presided by the singer Little Richard. They had their first child, Rumer Glenn, on August 16, 1988. Demi also starred in the apocalyptic film The Seventh Sign in 1988. Her performance gathered some praise, but the film did not fare well with critics. The next year she starred with Sean Penn and Robert De Niro in the comedy We’re No Angels, and in the episode “When Girls Collide” in the television series Moonlighting which starred her then husband.

1990 was the biggest year during this time of Demi’s career thanks to the romantic film Ghost. With Patrick Swayze and Whoopi Goldberg, the film earned around $218 million and took home awards and received nominations. Demi received critical acclaim and international fame for her performance as Molly Jensen. She also made an appearance in the “Dead Right” episode of the television series Tales from the Crypt.

Things were not going so well for her mother Virginia. She was on a downward spiral of alcohol and drugs, not to mention the growing list of criminal records ranging from arson to driving under influence. Demi helped her mother by bailing her out of jail whenever she was arrested, and paying for her rehabilitation in the treatment center Hazelden, but Virginia walked out of it. Because of this, Demi severed all contact with her mother.


With the critical acclaim of Ghost, Demi had more film offers for 1991, but are not as successful as herprevious work. She starred with her then husband and Glenn Headly in the drama thriller Mortal Thoughts, with Chevy Chase in the horror comedy Nothing but Trouble, and in the romantic comedy The Butcher’s Wife with Jeff Daniels. The last two films earned Demi a nomination for the Worst Actress award during the 1991 Razzie Awards and 1991 Golden Raspberry Awards respectively.

1991 was also when Demi posed nude for the cover of Vanity Fair while being seven months pregnant with her second child, Scout LaRue. It gathered a multitude of varying reactions, and Demi responded by challenging the perception of the public regarding motherhood and sensuality. Scout was born on July 20, 1991. Virginia would later parody her daughter’s nude cover pose by doing one of her own for the magazine High Society two years later in an attempt to humiliate Demi.

Demi’s films in the following years were box office hits. She starred with Tom Cruise and Jack Nicholson in the 1992 legal drama A Few Good Men. Not only did the film receive Academy Awards and Golden Globe nominations, Demi was also praised along with her fellow stars for their powerful performances.

1993 saw the release of the drama Indecent Proposal with Woody Harrelson and Robert Redford. Despite being successful in the box office, the film gathered mixed reviews and Demi received a Worst Actress nomination in the Razzie Awards.

Her third child, Tallulah Belle, was born on February 3, 1994. The year was also the release of the film adaptation of the Michael Crichton novel Disclosure. It proved that Demi is an impressive femme fatale despite the fact that it was her first time playing a villainous role, and the movie itself was a success.

1995 was not kind to Demi’s career as the films she starred on were critically panned, namely the drama The Scarlet Letter with Robert Duvall and Gary Oldman, and comedy drama Now and Then with a large cast, in which Demi was also a producer and her daughter Rumer played a supporting role.

During this same year Demi received a $12.5 million pay for her work in the film Striptease, making her the highest paid actress in the history of Hollywood by that time. Striptease was released in 1996, and her daughter Rumer played the role of the main character’s daughter. The movie was critically panned, and won six Golden Raspberry awards out of the seven nominations.

Demi’s other movies this year are The Juror with Alec Baldwin, animated film Beavis and Butt-Head Do America with then husband Bruce Willis as the voices of Dallas and Muddy Grimes respectively, and The Hunchback of Notre Dame as the voice of Esmeralda. She also produced and starred in the television movie If These Walls Could Talk, and it gathered lots of nominations ranging from the Emmy Awards to the Satellite Awards.

After many years of estrangement, Demi and her mother Virginia reunited in 1997, but it was because of the latter’s brain cancer diagnosis. The actress, along with her three daughters, stayed with and took care of Virginia in her home at Farmington, New Mexico, for three months until her last breath in July 1998.

1997 was the year when things between Demi and Bruce started to go downhill. The couple were reported by tabloids to be spending too much time apart from each other, resulting in extramarital affairs. Tabloid articles detailing Demi’s alleged partying with Johnny Depp (who recently split with Kate Moss), and Leonardo DiCaprio’s visit in her Malibu mansion have popped up.

Add to their growing list of problems was the firing of Tallulah Belle’s nanny, Kim Tannahill, due to misappropriation of funds, failure to properly perform duties,  and violation of their confidentiality agreement.  The couple filed a lawsuit against Tannahill, and the latter responded with a countersuit. The ex-nanny claimed that the couple utilized threats, force, and intimidation throughout her employment, false imprisonment while she was verbally abused by Demi, that she was never paid for her overtime work, and was made her go to long trips with no extra pay. She also added that Demi had an addiction to prescription drugs, suffered from severe mood swings, and that the couple were very inattentive to the kids. The couple’s attorney dismissed those claims as pure fiction and an attempt by a disgruntled former employee to extort money from the actors. A federal judge eventually threw out the ex-nanny’s lawsuit in April 1998.

The couple’s drifting apart eventually led to their separation in June 1998, with their divorce filed on October 18, 2000, and Demi held custody of their daughters.

Demi still continued with her acting career. She went on a vigorous training regimen and shaved her head for the film G.I. Jane in 1997. The film was successful in the box office, but with lukewarm reviews and Demi’s efforts only landed her with a Worst Actress Razzie Award. She also played a role in the comedy Deconstructing Harry. Finally she starred with Jon Bon Jovi in the movie Destination Anywhere: The Film. 1997 marked her last year in acting before disappearing from the spotlight, but she did produce the immensely successful Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery (1997) and its two sequels.

Early in 1999, she started dating Oliver Whitcomb, a martial arts instructor and was seven years younger than Demi. Their relationship was believed to have lasted four years before calling it quits.

Demi came back to the big screen in the 2000 psychological drama Passion of Mind. The film received mostly negative reviews, and Demi received a Worst Actress Razzie Award nomination. She again disappeared from the movie scene, refusing offers of movie roles, only to come around in 2002 to again provide the voice of Esmeralda in The Hunchback of Notre Dame II.


She went back to acting in 2003 as the main antagonist for the film Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle. Her ex-husband Bruce Willis played a minor role in the film. She also appeared in the episode “Women and Children First” in the television series Will & Grace. She began dating actor Ashton Kutcher, and the two eventually married on September 24, 2005 in a lavish ceremony that was attended by Bruce Willis. A rabbi officiated their marriage due to the couple’s following of Kabbalah. Their 15-year age difference was a favorite of the tabloid press, stating that the relationship was a publicity stunt.

In a situation similar to Disclosure, the ex-manager of Bruce and Demi’s Idaho ranch, Lawrence Bass, claimed that the actress sexually harassed him. He detailed that Demi, during his employment at the ranch, gave him a shoulder massage in 2001, and groped his inner thigh in 2002. After refusing her advances, she “terminated” his employment later on. State investigators from Idaho ruled no probable cause to these claims, and the case was eventually dismissed. In fact, it was Bass who had seven restraining orders, and an arrest warrant for not responding to a harassment complaint.

After three years, Demi again went back to acting, starring in the mystery drama Half Light, and with an ensemble cast on the historical drama Bobby. In 2007 she starred with Kevin Costner and William Hurt in the thriller Mr. Brooks, and with Michael Caine and Lambert Wilson in the 2008 crime thriller Flawless.

2009 saw the launch of Demi and Ashton’s non-profit NGO, The Demi and Ashton Foundation. Also known as DNA, its mission is to fight sexual exploitation and human trafficking of children. Later on it was renamed Thorn.  Demi also starred in drama Happy Tears with Parker Posey and Rip Thorn, The Joneses with Amber Heard and David Duchovny, and animated television movie The Magic 7 as the voice of U-Z-Onesa.

The couple caught the ire of animal rights organization PETA in 2009 for wearing animal fur, along with other celebrities. They were on the top 1 and 2 of the organization’s “worst dressed” poll. She would later help the organization in banning the use of bullhooks during the performance of circus elephants.

In 2010 she starred in the action movie Bunraku with Josh Hartnett and Woody Harrelson, in 2011 comedy drama Another Happy Day, and 2011 thriller Margin Call. The 2012 interview series in the Lifetime network The Conversation had Demi Moore as the executive producer.

Demi’s Downward Spiral

Demi’s relationship with Ashton were bogged down by rumors of the latter’s infidelities. Celebrity magazine STAR reported that Ashton was seen by an eyewitness groping and kissing a young blonde in Los Angeles. This was followed by the story told by a certain Brittney Jones who claimed that she gave her number to the actor in a bowling spot, and that they had repeated sexual encounters whenever Demi was out of town. Ashton made it clear that the accusations were nothing but defamations perpetrated by the magazine.

It was also in 2010 when a viral video of Demi appeared, where she was grinding on Snoop Dogg during a Las Vegas performance while Ashton cheered, further showing her erratic behavior.

The couple went to Israel for a “spiritual journey” and to speak in a conference, while some thought that they were going to renew their vows. In their sixth year anniversary the couple were apart. Demi was busy promoting Project Five, while Ashton was said to have spent it on a one night stand with a model named Sarah Leal (who made the revelation), who he met while in a party with fellow actor Danny Masterson. After this exposé, the couple tried to patch things up and attended Kabbalah sessions multiple times.

Cryptic tweets posted on Demi’s Twitter account hinted at grave problems between the couple. Demi finally announced the end of their marriage in November 2011. The couple lived apart until their divorce was filed a year later, then finalized on November 2013.

During their separation, Demi was purported to again battle problems with substances and eating disorders. She was rushed in a Los Angeles hospital after suffering from an apparent seizure due to nitrous oxide inhalation. The emergency even became a death hoax that spread on Twitter.

Her daughters refuse to speak to her, even considered getting a restraining order against Demi. They wanted their mother to seek professional help.

Friends noted her frail appearance, and Demi dropped out of an appearance in the film Lovelace due to her health. She checked into a rehab center in Utah named Cirque Lodge for her addiction to Adderall (a prescription drug), and anorexia. After her rehabilitation, she emerged looking refreshed and even posted a tweet asking for suggestions on a new Twitter name (which was @MrsKutcher), and her daughters patched things up with her.

Demi still made big screen appearances. She played a role in the 2013 romcom LOL with Miley Cyrus, and in the drama Very Good Girls. Demi was also spotted with her daughter Rumer in a Kundalini yoga retreat held in New Mexico.

What’s Demi Moore Doing Now In 2024 – Recent Updates

Demi recently starred in the drama film, Please Baby Please, alongside Andrea Riseborough, Karl Glusman, and Harry Melling. Premiered on January 26th, 2022, at the International Film Festival Rotterdam, the movie centered around a newlywed couple who witnesses a murder; the event later awakens a quandary about their sexual identity.

She also made an appearance in the action-comedy, The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent, which starred Nicholas Cage, Pedro Pascal, Sharon Horgan, Tiffany Haddish, and Ike Barinholtz. In it, she played the role of ‘Olivia Cage’, Cage’s in-movie fictional ex-wife.

demi more songbird
Moore played the role of Piper Griffin in the thriller, Songbird, which centered around the COVID-19 pandemic

Prior to that, she had starred in the dystopian sci-fi thriller film, Songbird, which is based on the COVID-19 pandemic. However, it was overwhelmingly panned by critics upon its release. Some even considered the movie “fear-mongering propaganda.”

And according to her IMDb page, she will be starring in an upcoming film called The Substance alongside Margaret Qualley, Tom Morton, and Ray Liotta (the plot has yet to be released).

In terms of television appearances, she played a recurring role in the sci-fi drama series, Brave New World, which was released on Peacock on July 15, 2020. Not only that, but she also played various roles in Empire and Animals, which came out in 2017 and 2018 respectively.

demi moore empire
Moore played the role of a take-charge nurse with a mysterious past in the musical drama, Empire

Outside of acting, she has also appeared in Late Night with Seth Meyers, Entertainment Tonight, BILD LIVE, Superstar, CNN Heroes Salutes, The Late Late Show with James Jorden, and Dish Nation. She also starred in the podcast documentary series, Dirty Diana, and was invited as a guest to Literally! with Rob Lowe. She also made cameo appearances at Rihanna’s Savage x Fenty Vol. 2 fashion show where she modeled lingerie.

In September 2019, she also released a memoir titled, Inside Out, through HarperCollins, which she promoted on Good Morning America. In the United States, it debuted at the top of The New York Times’  Hardcover Nonfiction Bestsellers List and the Combined Print and E-Book Nonfiction Bestsellers List.

As of this writing, she has more than 4.4 million followers on Twitter, which she uses as a platform to raise awareness of slavery and sexual trafficking. For her work on the topic, she was given a Visionary Woman Award by Visionary Women, a Los Angeles-based nonprofit organization, in 2018.

She also posts regularly on Instagram where she has over 2.9 million followers. You can also check out her official Facebook page for the newest updates and announcements (she tends to crosspost between her accounts).



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