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Leesa Vs Loom and Leaf by Saatva – Head to Head Comparisons

I’ve been dreading this one. I go on and on about how much I enjoy my Leesa. It is so rare that a mattress with better utilized tech comes to me, especially in the foam mattress division, but the Loom and Leaf throws literally every tech advance into one foam mattress. They offer amazing variations and still make it affordable. Leesa is still my top choice, now at the beginning of this head to head, but it really looks like the Loom and Leaf will give it a hard run for its money. Read on for a full comparison.

Company Vs Company – Leesa Vs Saatva

That’s right, the Loom and Leaf is the foam option from Saatva, a company that should be well known to any regular reader of my articles. I absolutely love their coil spring flagship, one of the most comfortable things I’ve every had the good fortune to test. As good as their products are, I just can’t find anything regarding their philanthropic work. No donations to speak of. I’m certain they must donate something every so often, but without a record of it I have to assume otherwise. When compared to Leesa, with their pledge to donate a new mattress for every 10 mattresses sold, there isn’t really much of a contest.

Winner – Leesa

Leesa Vs Loom and Leaf Mattress Build Quality and Materials

leesa With the Loom and Leaf you really are getting what you’re paying for. The topper material is made from 100% pure cotton, and if you read my articles you know how important seeing that material is to me. Perfectly porous and damn durable. It’s more expensive to produce, true, but no other material can boast those two properties to the same degree. Leesa’s Lycra blend is arguably more durable, one of the benefits to synthetic fiber blends is how long they last, and they tend to be harder to stain. From an Aesthetic viewpoint, the plush upper layer and intricate design on the Loom and Leaf is one of the only mattresses on the market that looks nicer than the Leesa. Those simple horizontal lines still look fresh and clean, but not as quintessentially “mattress” as the Loom and Leaf.

Winner – Loom and Leaf

loom and leafThe insides of the Leesa should be well known to you by now. A blend of three foam densities, a high density base layer, a two inch layer of memory foam and a nice cooling layer of Avena foam. The Top most layer is contoured in such a way as to provide near unsurpassed support and the memory foam does its job of alleviating back pains wonderfully. Most mattresses go for this design, with different levels of success. Loom and Leaf is different though. we have the usual highly dense base layer followed by a transitory layer, allowing the base layer and the memory foam to act in concert. These three layers align themselves to your body in a way that has to be felt, like a semi-interested hug from a chiropractor. Magic. The top most layer is a cooling gel infused latex foam. It provides even more heat dissipation than the Avena foam, a tough thing to do.

Winner – Loom and Leaf

Leesa Vs Loom and Leaf Overall Review

It isn’t often that the Leesa is outclassed on all physical fronts, but the Loom and Leaf manages to do it. It has more everything, comfort, cooling, advanced design. The Leesa is still cutting edge, but the Loom and Leaf is bleeding edge, and it makes a differences in overall comfort levels. Both beds are great for all sleepers, and work great for couples. The biggest caveat to the Loom and Leaf is coming though. Read the next section to see how different the prices are.

Winner – Loom and Leaf

Loom and Leaf Vs Leesa – Pricing & Returns Policy

In the erroneously attributed words of the great George Takei, Oh My. That is some price difference. It gets worse than the first glance might lead you to believe too. The Loom and Leaf does not come with free delivery, nor could I find any discounts to off set such a high price. So when the final figures are tallied a Queen sized Loom and Leaf will cost you $1098. If you want to make use of all of Saatva’s services when ordering, it will cost you around $1521, with a foundation and removal of old mattress included. By comparison Leesa’s $790 price tag, including $75 discount and a $25 gift card, for the Queen is peanuts.

SizeLeesaLoom and Leaf
Twin XL$625$799
Cal King$990$1399

The price difference here is staggering. The usual bonus features come with both companies, though Loom and Leaf offer seventy five days for their trial period, honestly that is more than enough time to decide whether you want to keep a mattress or not, but Leesa’s 100 days looks a hell of a lot longer by comparison. Loom and Leaf do offer a longer warranty, fifteen years compared with Leesa’s ten. Keep in mind that warranties cover sagging of the bed too, so they are worth it here. For me, the biggest factor is price. Most mattresses on the market give you a great nights sleep, especially direct to consumer mattresses. You can nearly get two Leesa’s for the price of a full Queen package from Loom and Leaf. In the current market Loom and Leaf’s price just isn’t competitive. Kinda the opposite problem from the Tuft & Needle there.

Winner – Leesa

Loom and Leaf Vs Leesa – Conclusion

Such a hard one to decide. From a comfort perspective the Loom and Leaf reigns supreme. But the considering what you will pay for one, is that added comfort enough? I would argue no. The Leesa offers too similar a sleeping experience for significantly less money. Objectively though the Loom and Leaf is the best foam mattress currently available. But you have to ask yourself whether it is necessary for you to have the best of the best when the amazing will do. If you’re theĀ  kind of person who changes their phone every six months or so then the Loom and Leaf is for you, for everyone else, go for the Leesa.

Overall Winner – Loom and Leaf

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