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Live and Sleep Coupon Codes – January 2020 Updated Promos

I spent the better part of last year testing out all manner of mattresses. I had a blast, getting to sleep on something new every month or so, and in that I time learned an awful lot. I thought the knowledge would be put away, and rarely looked at again, just like all what I learn for all the other product lines I review.

I am happy to say that is not the case, as I embark on a coupon code hunt. This week I went looking for discount codes for the Live and Sleep mattress, a three-tiered design that makes a few daring choices with the makeup.

I reviewed the Live and Sleep late last year, so it is still a fairly fresh experience, and I was impressed by it. Most mattresses out there today, especially in the direct to consumer market, are three tiers, support foam, memory foam and cooling foam. The build here is a little different, so let’s dive right in.

Live and Sleep Coupon Codes – July 2018

Using the codes here is simple.

Step 1: Click here to visit the website, activate the coupon codes, and see if there is any new discounts available.  

Step 2: If there aren’t any better deals available via the website popup from step one choose one of the coupon codes below:

  • $100 off and free shipping – USA100
  • $75 off and free shipping –  USA75
  • $50 account credit – Refer a Friend
  • $100 off and Free shipping + A free Pillow – NEWYEAR2018

Not a bad haul here. I include a few redundancies for safety, but the one you want to try for first is the NEWYEAR2017. A hell of a discount that brings the queen size price down to $699. You will be hard-pressed to find a better price across the world of direct to consumer mattresses. Add in the friend referral program and you can get an adjusted price of $649, which is an amazing price for a mattress of this quality. one of the things to remember when buying a mattress these days is the level of customer support you can expect.

Customer service is close to the heart of all direct to consumer mattress manufacturers. Poor customer service was the catalyst behind a lot of these firms in the first place, and it shows in their try before you buy policies. With the Live and Sleep you get a full 100 nights to try out the bed. If you don’t like it you get a full refund and Live and Sleep donate you mattress to a shelter, or dispose of it for you if you are in California. In addition, the warranty is worth its weight in gold, it covers all manner of defects and visible sag. A mattress that sags within a few years is not fit for purpose and is fully covered by your warranty. the standard is ten years, but Live and Sleep do you one (or ten) better, and make it 20.

Live and Sleep Mattress 2018 – A Brief Re-Review

Live and sleep embedded e1470357178345 Let’s take a brief refresher on what the live and sleep mattress is. A look at the build first I think, the topper material under the scope. All mattress topper materials seek to balance breathability, durability and comfort. Almost all on the market right now have to compromise in some way. The Live and Sleep is not one of them. Like the Novosbed, the smart folks over at Live and Sleep have zeroed in on the areas of the mattress that are under the most stress, and used a hard wearing porous material there. They combine this with a different material on the section where you lie, a Lycra-rayon-poly blend that is extra porous and so pleasant to the touch. It also creates a fine aesthetic. in the world of mattress you really only hope for okay looking, but the use of contrast green goes a long way to make the Live and Sleep stand out, and it is one brand too. Overall an impressive start.

On the inside, we have three tiers of foam, as is usual. The support foam is 7″ and at the bottom. this is topped with a small layer, called Energex foam. A mere 1″ deep, you might think it is a little superfluous, but you could not be more wrong. I have seen transition layers in other mattresses, and they do a great job of unifying the way the foam layers move. The way the Loom and Leaf’s foam reacts to your movements is a great example of that. Seeing that design sensibility here is wonderful, and it really elevates the build above the norm. The topmost layer is the memory foam, and with no heat dissipation solution apparent you might be worried. You would even be right to, if it weren’t for the style of memory foam used. It is what I have taken to referring to as Memory Foam 2.0. Extra Porous and slightly firmer than normal, the foam does not retain heat nearly so much as classic memory foam, leaving you cool and comfortable all night long.

Overall I love the build, it is new, interesting and very well designed. I would place it on the firmer end of medium, able to accommodate all sleeping positions, and suitable for those with sleeping or back troubles. So what about the coupon codes?

Hope this helped you make a mattress choice. There are a lot of great ones out there, and the Live and Sleep is a real contender. If you need a more in depth look at the Live and Sleep be sure to check out my original review, found here.

Barry W Stanton
Barry W Stanton
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