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Pax Labs Coupon Codes January 2020 – Updated & Working Promo Codes

In the past few years, vaporizers have gained a large foothold in the smoking community. Either used as a means of lowering the amount one smokes or as a cleaner scented alternative, using vaporizers and loose leaf grinders can be seen as a better option than the traditional cigarette or cigar. That’s where Pax Labs, and their site comes in. Aiming to create quality vaporizers using both extracts and loose leaf as the sources for vapor, Pax labs have created devices that are classy, hip, but not too flashy. They have also made a vaping app for those who want to put more tech in their toke. Here, we take a look at the coupon codes and promos available for these devices so you can get quality at a great price. Keep in mind that for many states, ordering such devices requires the person be of at least 18 or 21 years of age.

Pax Labs Promo and Coupon Codes – July 2018 Updates

To use the codes follow the steps below.

Step 1:  Visit the website by clicking here.

Step 2: During checkout and payment, enter one of the following codes which are listed below.

At this time, there are no exact codes to enter, per se. However, one can get several deals by liking their Facebook page. This includes the following deals:

$10 off a PAX2 Vaporizer
Free Overnight Shipping and Grinder with a Pax 3 purchase

Sometimes you will find there are special offers or discount codes on the website as well.

For the current discount and deals, be sure to come back as we plan to update the site as more deals for Pax Lab products go on sale.

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