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Postmates Bonus & Referral Codes – Free $100 Credit

Postmates allows it’s users to order food – not just takeout, but also alcohol and groceries – via their website or mobile app, and get it delivered to their door. It’s a handy service, but definitely a luxury for most people. We searched around for the best deals and coupon codes – and we found an amazing one that will give you $100 worth of free delivery credits.

Postmates Promo & Coupon Codes January 2020

Step 1: To activate the free $100 credit on Postmates, click on the following link here. The service is not as widely available as other delivery services such as GrubHub, but as long as you live in a major city, it is likely that it is available to you.

Step 2: That’s all there is too it! Each order costs $5.99 to deliver to you. You can use it until it expires, or until you have a zero balance – whichever comes first.

About Postmates

Postmates was started by three entrepreneurs in San Francisco way back in 2011.  Their about page claims that they can “enable anyone to have anything delivered on-demand.” In reality, the majority of their deliveries are food related. Much like other services such as GrubHub or ExpressGrub, they partner with local restaurants and stores and have independent contractors deliver customer orders to their preferred location.

Postmates offers several different options for their delivery service. Casual users have the option to pay per delivery at a rate of $5.99 per delivery. Any more than twice a month, and you might want to consider a subscription. Postmates offers a service called Postmates Unlimited for $9.99 per month. You can opt to pay that in advance for the year to get 30% off the price of an annual subscription. That ends up coming out to $6.99 per month. The Postmates app is available on both Android and iOS smartphones.

Postmates is only available in major cities for now. You can find them in places such as Chicago, Baltimore, Boston, New York City, or Philadelphia. It opens up delivery options to places that would normally deliver, such as pho restaurants, Indian or Thai places, or even ice cream parlors. Most restaurants offer a delivery time of 25 to 40 minutes. Independent contractors have the option of driving, walking, or biking the order to you. One thing that makes Postmates stand out is its offer of delivering alcohol right to your door. This is especially useful if you’re having a party, run out of beer, and don’t want to leave to go get it.

Postmates has been in business for almost 70 years, and it’s only been growing since that time. It hit its first million orders within the first month of being open. Its headquarters is in San Francisco, but it has announced that it’s been building a team of people in Nashville Tennessee. They have an impressive 10,000 ft.² office and a team of over 100 people. Clearly, they’re getting ready to expand, which may be exciting for people in underserved areas.

Ariel Leather
Ariel Leather
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