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Dropified App Coupon Code – January 2020 Update

Last year I spent a few months trying out various eCommerce solutions, and found the best of them to be Shopify, the best all rounder mind you, there were a few that I recommended to different business sizes and intentions. But I like Shopify, for the breadth of possibilities, and the excellent array of apps. None are more important to a certain kind of entrepreneur than the dropshipping solutions, and Dropified is one of the most robust ones on the market. This article was to be focused on finding coupon codes for their services, but after scouring the web, and contacting Dropified directly, I have found none. But there are still a fair few deals that we can take advantage of, so read on for the details.


Dropified App Promo Code July 2018

To activate the  current discounts automatically you can click here .  They also offer a 14 day free trial for all of their packages. This is excellent for getting to grips with their back end, which I mentioned was a little cumbersome for the first time.

Looking over their packages tells us a lot about their business model. They focus on keeping their price as low as possible for all of their customers, and that is a model I can respect, even if I worry about the long-term viability. I think it is easy to argue that their Elite Package is excellent value for money. The options available with it are vast, and the $47 price tag cannot be matched by any other firm on the market right now.

I will, of course, be keeping an eye out for any change to their model, and will update this article with any coupon codes I can find.

Dropified App 2018 – A Brief Re-Review

The Dropified app has not got the prettiest front end, nor back end for that matter, best to get that out of the way first. But what it lacks in finesse, it more than makes up in terms of versatility. The other dropshipping app I reviewed was Oberlo, and while I loved the act of using it, it is far narrower in scope, working exclusively with AliExpress. Dropified can add items from a wide variety of stores to your storefront, quickly and with minimal fuss.

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Dropified back end

There are three packages to choose from, and while I am not a fan of the Basic Package, at $9 per month there is no denying the value on offer. There is a limit on the back end work you can do with it, no one click order confirmation for a start, and the number of retailers is too small to justify the price. The Pro Package is much better value, at $27, with a far wider range of store options, unlimited listings and sales, and access to a plethora of automation tools, and the US product database, allowing you to price your products better. The Elite package is by far the best product. Its base price is only $47 per month, far lower than the competitions highest value product, and the number of stores you can pull from is vast. One click ordering is allowed, and you can even set up multiple user accounts to control the store, add in a few more automated services and you are set.

Click here to look over the details on the differences between the packages.

There are a few minor issues with it overall, as I have touched upon, but the value for money cannot be overstated. If you are looking to grow your dropshipping business then you kinda have to go for Dropified , they have the most versatile product on the market by far.

About Dropified

Dropshipping is an interesting spin on a classic business model, and one that is relatively easy to get up and go with. You buy product from the wholesaler and list that product for sale, the wholesaler stores the product in their warehouse, and ships it based on orders made by your site. The only real difference between that model and the more traditional model is that it is all done over the internet, with the business owner never having to look at the storage, what with it usually being in China. There is an art to getting the right items listed, and creating a niche storefront to maximize profits, but set up of the store is quick, simple and low cost too.

The issues with the base system is the difficulty in keeping tabs on your items, the fiddliness of manually copying out the data on the store items you have bought to sell. That’s where dropshipping apps come in. Dropified (formally known as shopified app) can automate the whole process, and streamline it for a wide variety of sites. If you go to Alibaba and buy a number of items for sale, without Dropified , you would then have to list the items by hand, verifying the data as you transfer it, into your Shopify site. With Dropified all you need to do is click the item, edit the details, and click again.

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