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Kodak Black Net Worth 2018 – Real Updated Figures

Kodak Black is a rising star in the rap scene. His music has been described as raw, and a true reflection of the current state of America on the poverty line. His lyrics are focused on criminality, not praising it, not condemning it, but presenting it as a mere fact. The life that so many are forced to lead due to the lack of opportunity presented to them. Due to his up bringing he has had trouble with the law, and is currently detained pending investigation. I would hope that his growing financial stability will go a long way to settling him. His growing popularity over the last few years has a allowed him to amass a small fortune, but just how much is Kodak Black worth now in 2018?

Kodak Black Net Worth 2018 – $300,000

How Did Kodak Black Make His Money & Wealth?

Kodak Black Jail e1488558881455 Dieuson Octave, better known as Kodak Black, was born in Florida on June 11 1997. His parents are from Haiti, and has gone by the nickname “Black” from a young age. When he joined Instagram he added the Kodak moniker, and has been using it since. He began rapping in small groups in 2009, at age 12 and released his first mix tape back in 2012, called Project Baby. He followed this up in 2014 with Heart of the Projects, where he began to carve out his niche. He came to widespread attention in later 2015 when Canadian rapper Drake posted a video of himself dancing to one of Kodak Black’s songs. Later that month he signed onto Atlantic records and began preparing for a tour. Throughout his life Kodak black has been in and out of Juvenile centers, a wild mix of drug possession, battery charges and false imprisonment. He spent much of the end of 2016 in Jail, and has been charged with the rape of a fan. He is currently back in jail after violating his probation yet again.

Kodak Black Personal Life & FAQ

Is Kodak Black Married?

Kodak is not currently married, there is no indication that he has a significant other of any kind. His lyrics paint a bleak picture of his love life.

Where did Kodak Black go to College?

Kodak Black has yet to attend college. In 2014 he was pursuing his High School diploma, and I have to assume he got it. He has spent much of his post school career focusing on his music, and seen as he got signed I can’t call it the wrong decision. I am sure that if he wants to get a degree at some point he can.

Where Does Kodak Black Live? Picture of Kodak Black‘s House

Kodak Blacks House e1488558900601 Kodak black has purchased a house quite recently, and moved in shortly after the new year. He has posted many videos showing off the lavish new home, which has a pool , two garages for his cars and all manner of time saving and high tech gadgets built into the place.


Why is he called Kodak Black?

Kodak Black gained the nickname “Lil Black” when he was a kid. He added the Kodak part when he joined Instagram, likely in reference to the camera company.

Why is Kodak Black in Jail?

Kodak has had many problems with the law throughout his life. It began with juvenile incarceration. Due to the  leverage of Atlantic Records he was able to stay out of prison in the middle of last year, with a full culpability plea. The judge handed down a sentence of community service and house arrest, with stipulations allowing him to tour internationally. He was about to be released from Jail in Florida when it was discovered that Kodak had two outstanding warrants in different jurisdictions. He again plead culpability to the DUI and drug charges and was sentenced to four months in jail, with attention paid to time already served. As soon as he was released he was whisked off to face the charges of rape in South Carolina. That case is ongoing, but die to Kodak violating his parole he was remanded to jail.

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