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Sienna Sauce 2024 Update – What Happened After Shark Tank

Sienna Sauce Before Shark Tank

Sienna Sauce is the brainchild of Tyla-Simone Crayton, who ever since she was a young girl, dreamt of becoming a “sauce boss.” It all started when her favorite wing place closed down in New York City. Wanting to recreate the flavor, she asked her mom if she could play around with the ingredients in the kitchen.

Together, they eventually came up with something even better and healthier. What’s more, is that it can be used for almost anything- as a glaze, dip, marinade, or an added ingredient. On top of that, it’s low in sodium and contains no fructose corn syrup or gluten, which makes it a healthy option. After perfecting the sauce, they began making it for various family events such as “Wings Wednesday”; this all happened while they were still living in Brooklyn, New York. Not only was the sauce a big success, but it also strengthened their mother-daughter relationship.

Several years later in 2017, they decided to move to Texas, where they started to cook and sell their very own Sienna wings out of their home. Their sauce was also a big hit. Monique eventually took a leap of faith and left her full-time job to focus solely on the business, which they now named Sienna sauce. Fortunately, her hard work slowly paid off. Before they knew it, word of their business had quickly spread.

Before long, Tyla-Simone started receiving calls from different media outlets such as Good Morning America, NowThis, The Kelly Clarkson Show, CNBC, and Inside Edition, for interviews. This prompted them to try their luck on Shark Tank, which if successful, would give them the funding that they needed to expand the business.

And they made it. After several rounds of calls and auditions, they were invited to California for filming. Their segment was later included in episode 1214.

Sienna Sauce On Shark Tank

Monique and Tyler-Simone walk into the tank hand-in-hand. Once they’re inside, they introduce themselves and let the sharks know that they’re from Houston, Texas. With smiles on their face, they go on to introduce their award-winning Sienna Sauce and even add that it’s been featured in the World Food Championships.

Tyler-Simone then talk about how they came up with the sauce. She explains that it all started when her favorite wing place closed when she was eight years old and that that was what prompted her to create her own. Continuing, she explains that what she ended up coming up with was even better than the original.

The camera then zooms in on a bottle of sauce beside them. As it does, Monique explains that the sauce was created in their kitchen and that they now have three different flavors: Tangy, Lemon Pepper, and Spicy. She also adds that the sauce is gluten-free, contains no high-fructose corn syrup, and can be used as a marinade, dip, glaze, or a “put-that-on-everything sauce.”

sienna sauce 2

With that, they end their pitch with what they’re looking for: a $100,000 investment for ten percent of their company, Sienna Sauce. They also let them know they have Sienna wings for them to try and will also be giving them some of their French toast bacon jam, which is made with their tangy Sienna Sauce as an ingredient.

The sharks immediately give the food in front of them a taste. Lori is the first to compliment the bacon jam. Guest shark Kendra Scott also seem to like the sauce, which she describes as being “sweet with a little kick.” Next, Monique introduces their Lemon Pepper sauce, which is served with brussel sprouts and potatoes. Tyler-Simone also adds that it’s their most popular flavor.

The sharks then try the Smoke sauce, which, Monique explains is a new flavor that they’re introducing for Tyler-Simone’s birthday. Finally, they try the Spicy flavor, which is served with a shrimp cocktail. Barbara is quick to comment that it has a kick and Kevin agrees.

As they finish the samples, Barbara asks them where they’re selling the product. Tyler-Simone explains that they’re already in sixty-eight stores across the United States, which seems to impress her. She also adds that they sell it online and ship it to people all over the country and that 54 percent of their sales are through their website and 30 percent are in stores.

Mark goes on to ask about their sales. Tyler-Simone explains that their lifetime sales are $255,000, that they did $171,000 last year, and have made $84,000 so far this year. Mark comments that that’s a lot of sauce, which garners a laugh.

Next, Kendra asks about their manufacturing process and costs. Monique explains that they’re currently manufacturing in Houston, Texas, and that the retail price for their product is $9.95. Lori backtracks a bit and asks Tyler-Simone about her age, to which she tells her that she came up with the sauce when she was eight years old but that they didn’t actually start bottling the sauce until she was 14 years old.

Continuing, Tyler-Simone explains that they started out selling wings out of their house for a year, which earned them $50,000. This impresses the sharks. She then goes on to say that they didn’t start selling the sauce until 2018- that they had decided to stop selling wings to focus on it instead.

Barbara is confused why they stopped selling the wings since it was bringing customers in to try their sauce. Monique explains that when they were ready to bring the sauce to market, it was better for them business model-wise, to bottle it up first. Continuing, she says that they weren’t able to afford food trucks or brick-and-mortar locations at the time. However, she reassures the sharks that they still have their customer base and that “everyone loves [them].”

Kendra then asks about the stores that they’re in. Monique tells her that their sauce is currently in ten Wegmans stores on the East Coast. This once again impresses the sharks, who are still surprised at Tyler-Simone’s young age.

Tyler-Simone reveals that she had wanted to become an entrepreneur after watching the show, which she did in their one-bedroom apartment after having come out of being homeless. Mark smiles and says that “that’s awesome”.

Tyler-Simone goes on to explain that they actually give back to the community through their company- that she speaks three to four times a month to the youth telling them that entrepreneurship is an option.

sienna sauce 4

Lori comments that Monique must be beaming with pride, to which she replies, she is “beyond proud.”

Barbara asks about their experience with homelessness. Tyler-Simone explains that they were actually living in “a very nice brownstone” but that their landlord had needed the place back as her son was coming home. Continuing, she tells them that her mom didn’t have a job at the time, which made finding a new place difficult. But that she had hustled by selling baskets for baby showers- anything that she could possibly do- and that she eventually landed a job as a waiter right by her school.

Kevin goes on to say that the condiments and sauce business is great in that it’s in the billions of dollars. However, he also comments that it’s “really competitive.” Continuing, he tells them they must work with a distributor in the category to be able to sell nationwide.

Monique agrees and says that’s why they’re in the tank.

Kendra immediately tells them she’s the shark for them as she’s a “Texas girl”, and that her first employee was her mom and that they had worked together creating jewelry so she understands their relationship. She explains that they were able to turn it into a multi-billionaire business and that it may also be possible for them as they have an “amazing, amazing product.”

sienna sauce 3

However, she lets the pair know that she’s a little concerned with the valuation that they gave to their company- that they’re not at $100,000 for 10 percent “quite yet”. Seconds later, she makes them an offer: $100,000 for twenty percent of the company. The other sharks encourage them to accept her offer.

Kendra also adds that she can help them with the distributors and shelf space as “it’s all in [her] wheelhouse.” Just as she tells them she can help them build the brand, Mark announces that he’s out.

Seconds later, Barbara announces that she is also out. Lori does the same.

Everyone’s attention then turns toward Kevin, who states he’d like to talk about the company’s valuation. He tells them he’s not as generous as Kendra to give them a $500,000 valuation and that he’s not sure what they’re worth yet as they “don’t have enough sell-through data” and distributors. He then announces that he is also out.

Tyler-Simone speaks up and asks Kendra if she’s willing to accept a counteroffer, however, Kevin is quick to note that there’s no other shark with an offer.

Kendra is unwilling to budge on the 20 percent, however, she makes a point again that she can help them “make [it] happen” as “Wonder Woman”, which will save them a lot of money and time.

sienna sauce shark tank
Monique and Tyler-Simone are happy to accept Kendra’s offer

After a couple of whispers with each other, the mother-and-daughter team accepts her offer. With that, everyone cheers, and the rest of the sharks give their congratulations.

Sienna Sauce After Shark Tank

After the segment aired, they were interviewed by several media outlets including CNBC, Good Morning America, and The Kelly Clarkson Show. Sales also went up due to the “Shark Tank Effect”. Within 48 hours, they had done more than $300,000 in online sales.

As far as we can tell, however, the deal with Kendra never went through. Despite that, Sienna Sauce seems to be doing fairly well. For one thing, their products are now available in more than 450 retailers across the US including Wegmans, Target, HEB, World Market, and several independent grocers.

sienna sauce amazon review
Several Amazon users have praised the sauces for their taste and flavor

Not only that but they’ve also started to sell their sauces on Amazon, where they’ve proved to be a hit among customers. For example, their variety pack, which comes with all three flavors- Spicy, Tangy, and Lemon Pepper- currently has a 4.5-star rating out of 660 reviews, with many users praising the sauce for its flavor and versatility. Some people have had issues with shipping where one or more of the bottles have arrived broken but if anything, that’s more of an Amazon issue. The general consensus for the sauce is still overwhelmingly positive.

Since then, their sauces have been chosen by Verizon as the “sauce of choice” for their cafes and they’ve also been featured in a FedEx marketing campaign. Not only that but they’ve also been diving into the hospitality and food service vendor space.

sienna sauce fundraiser
They launched a crowdfunding campaign in November 2022, which successfully raised more than $96,000, which will go toward the expansion of the company

In November 2022, they also launched a fundraiser on the crowdfunding site Republic, where they successfully raised more than $96,000. Ultimately, their goal is to use the funds for staffing, marketing, and operational expenses for their retail and food service expansion.

More specifically, 25 percent of the funds will go toward working capital and inventory, 40 percent will go toward operations (expanding the team with experienced professionals), and 35 percent will go toward sales and marketing (digital marketing, e-commerce, retail fees and discounts).

For those who are interested in their sauces, you can get them from their website They currently offer four different flavors: Sweet & Tangy, Lemon Pepper, Spice It Up!, and Smokey Brown Everything Sauce, the latter of which was featured on the show. They all come in 5 oz bottles and are available for $29.83. Variety packs, which consist of three or six bottles (mixed flavors) are also available for $29.93 and $50,70 respectively. Shipping currently costs $9.99 across the United States.

sienna sauce variety pack
You can choose from their four different flavors for their variety packs

They’ve even started to sell merchandise, including aprons and sweatshirts, which you can check out on their “merchandise page.”

For more news and updates on Sienna Sauce, you can follow them on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. You can also contact them via their official site.

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