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Top Five Alternatives to Imgur – 2018 Update

Photobucket, Imageshack, Tinypic – these are all once hugely popular websites that paved the way to what image uploading is today. While they are still used daily by people all around the world, their popularity had died down due to how intrusive they have become. When most people want to upload an image, that’s all they want to do; they dislike having to deal with banners everywhere, annoying pop-ups, lots of re-directs and the most annoying: being very difficult to obtain the direct link of the image. When I upload something, I want to get the direct link as quickly as I can. I don’t want to jump through obstacles to get the one thing I’m trying to accomplish.

All of those annoyances stopped being a factor on the day Imgur was released. It is but a simple website that you can easily upload an image and quickly get the direct link. The developer of the website even knew how annoying other websites were at the time which was a main factor of him coding the website in the first place. Imgur would first debut on Reddit and since then has grown its very own community. Although recently there have been a lot of complaints regarding how Imgur changed the way direct linking works. If you are looking for an alternative to the website, take a look into one of the several websites below.

Top Five Alternatives to Imgur

#5 – ImgTC


ImgTC is actually the reason I wrote this article. What I really like about it is how simple it is. The entire website is just an image uploading website. I don’t see it cluttered with images, it’s seemingly easy to make an account (something I plan on doing after writing this article) and it has all the most popular file types available to upload. Non-members can upload an entire 10MB at once while free members can upload 20MB at once. It’s very easy to navigate around and quickly upload your image and grab the link so you can share with all your friends. If you’re into the basic/simple image uploading websites like I am, this is definitely one you’ll want to start using.

#4 – ImageTitan


ImageTitan is a website I found when I wanted to upload a large amount of images at once. You can easily upload up to one hundred images at the same time, on servers that are very dedicated and quick. The website itself is very simple looking and easy on the eyes. The only downside is the CAPTCHA that you need to manually enter every time you upload but when you’re uploading multiple images at once it’s no big deal. If you’re looking for a dedicated website to upload dozens of images at once, you’ll want to remember ImageTitan.

#3 – imgup


What I like about imgup is the colors. Green is actually my favorite color and with most websites primarily being black or white, it’s nice seeing this change. The website itself is very simple and you don’t need to scroll down or anything. Uploading is free but they also have a way to login using your Facebook or Google+ account.

#2 – Cubeupload


Cubeupload is a seemingly futuristic-looking website. With how advanced we are in technology these days, it’s no surprise that websites would gear more towards drag and drop image uploading. Cubeupload uses that feature so that people can quickly drag images from their computer and drop them into the browser to quickly be uploaded.

#1 – Postimage


At first glance, Postimage is a very basic website. Within the simplicity lie lots of features that make it one of the best image uploading websites on the Internet. Not only do you not need to sign up in order to upload, but you can quickly make an account if you use the website frequently enough. You are able to upload websites that are already on the Internet but just need to be rehosted, you can choose to resize your image by the click of a button and you can also mark it as not safe for work. Unlike the other websites you have the option of downloading an app to make uploading even simpler, without being hassled with pop-ups every time you visit.

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