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Top 10 Expensive Belts

A key accessory, belts have a long history that extends back to the Bronze Age. Often made out of tree bark at the time, it served as a means for men to hold tools. Since then, things have changed significantly. As the waistline dropped to the hips in the 1920’s, individuals―both men and women―began to wear belts. Fast forward to modern times, and they are often used for fashion and style. 

While belts are typically made out of leather, it’s also common to find ones made out of rubber, plastic, and nylon, etc. An everyday accessory for many, they can easily be bought at any department store. In fact, there are probably hundreds of makers out there around the world.

As with most things, however, belts aren’t created even. Depending on the material as well as the brand, one can easily cost thousands of dollars. On the flip side, there are also a number of choices that you can choose from for under $20. In the end, it all depends on the belt itselfWhat is it made out of? Who made it?

Have you ever wondered how expensive belts can be? If you have, then here’s the time to satisfy your curiosity―we’ll be going over ten of the most valuable belts below.

#10: Versace Crystal 3D Medusa Belt – $1,095

versace 3d crystal belt

Exquisitely designed, this Crystal 3D Medusa Belt is a fashion piece from the Italian luxury fashion company, Versace (if the logo didn’t already give it away). The epitome of refined elegance, it comes with a crystal-embellished logo that is crafted to perfection. Made out of high-quality calfskin in Italy, it succeeds exceedingly at showcasing the brand’s high-fashion image.

If you’d like to add this belt to your collection, it will cost you at least $1095―which isn’t too surprising considering its branding and quality. With that said, it might be hard to find as it quickly sold out in stores.

#9: Ralph Lauren Alligator Engine Belt – $1,750

ralph lauren alligator

Made in Italy, this luxurious alligator belt from Ralph Lauren features a lustrous plaque buckle with a striped engine-turned design. Made in Italy, the accessory is created from premium materials with care for details. Created from the finest alligator leather, it also comes with a subtly pointed tip for added style.

One of the finest items from Ralph Lauren, a brand that is known for their luxury apparel and accessories, this belt is available in a couple of colors including black and dark brown. For just $1,750, this belt can be yours―you can find it at any Ralph Lauren retail store, including their official website.

#8: Stefano Ricci Crocodile Belt – $1,760

stefano ricci

From the Stefano Ricci brand, this belt is one of the finest accessories offered by the luxurious Italian fashion house. Crafted out of the finest crocodile skin, its quality leather comes accompanied with a galvanized Palladium buckle―one that features the silhouette of an eagle. Timeless with exquisite details, it can easily augment a casual look.

Like most belts made out of crocodile leather, this one can set you back quite a bitwell over $1,700 to be exact! Considering its fine craftsmanship, however, most would argue that it is worth the price.

#7: Société Cartier Crocodile Leather Belt – $2,310

cartier crocodile

A French fashion house, Cartier is perhaps best known for their unique collections of jewelry and accessories. Elegant and timeless, their Crocodile Leather Belt comes with a flawless buckle, one that is crafted with the same techniques that they utilize to make fine jewelry. Created from the best crocodile skin, it’s sure to catch the eye of everyone with its exquisite design.

A must-have for any belt lover, it retailed for $2310 upon its release. Seeing as how it is not made anymore, it might bear an even higher price tag today.

#6: Billionaire Couture Italian Alligator Belt – $2,850

billionaire belt

Made from the best quality crocodile skin, this elegant belt features some of the best craftsmanship from Billionaire Couture―a luxury Italian menswear label. Noted for its exquisite style, it comes with a sleek, patterned body as well as an elegant buckle, one that represents the brand’s logo. Handcrafted by the finest artisans, there’s no doubt that its a top-notch product.

Unsurprisingly, this alligator leather belt has quite the impressive price tag. Relatively costly, it can cost you upwards of $3,000! Is it worth the price? We’ll let you be the judge of that. 

#5: Louis Vuitton Initiales Leather Belt – $3,500

LV crocodile

Made from exotic crocodile skin, this leather belt is one of the finest accessories that Louis Vuitton has to offer. Crafted with exceptional luxury in timeless black, it is adorned with the signature LV buckle, one that features a brass ruthenium finish. A rarefied style, its invisible seam design represents the greatest of styles.

Considering everything, it doesn’t come as a surprise that this exotic belt fetches a high price. If you want to compliment your outfit with this belt, you’ll have to be ready to shell out at least $3,500.

#4: Hermes Etriviere Belt – $5,100

hermes etriviere

Founded in the 19th century, Hermes is one of the top brands when it comes to high fashion luxury goods. Made out of the finest tape calfskin, this leather belt is designed to augment any outfit. An extravagant piece of accessory, it comes with tonal sticking as well as a palladium buckle closure. Made in France, the belt is guaranteed to add class to your wardrobe.

Like most of the belts that we’ve already mentioned, it doesn’t come cheap. In fact, it retails for well over $5,000! Regardless of its price, however, many flock to purchase the item!

#3: Selfridges & Co. Gold Belt – $32,000

gold pyramid belt

Crafted from 18-carat gold, this fashion accessory is one of the most luxurious pieces ever to be released by Selfridges & Co., a high-end retailer in the United Kingdom. Mounted on white leather, it comes with more than 70 gold pyramids, all of which add to its price. Handcrafted with emphasis on minute details, the clasp is also made out of immaculate gold.

With all the gold that it contains, it’s no wonder that it goes for $32,000! That’s right―this belt can cost as much as a car!

#2: Roland Iten Caliber Mechanical Belt – $84,000

roland iten caliber

An exceptional belt, the Roland Iten Caliber R822 owes its astonishing price to the fact that it is made out of white and rose gold and consists of 14-carat diamonds. A collaboration between Bugatti and Roland, its mechanical design has led it to be called the “Predator.” Designed for those with an eye for luxury, it can also be customized to be a genuine leather belt.

Exceptionally luxurious, this collector’s item can go for as much as $84,000. Unfortunately, this means that most of us won’t be able to add it to our wardrobe anytime soon.

#1: Gucci 30-carat Diamond Belt by Republica Fashion – $249,000

gucci 30 carat belt

A joint effort between British designer Stuart Hughes and Italian fashion house Gucci, this belt is easily the most expensive belt in the world. As its name implies, the accessory comes with a platinum buckle―one that is adorned with 30-carat diamonds. Not only that, but the belt body features the brand’s signature monogram leather, which is made out of the finest calfskin. Rare and sought-after, only a few were ever manufactured.

Designed for those with a lavish taste, its going price is around $249,000. So far, there has not been any other belts that have managed to top its price.

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