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What Happened To Da Band – 2018 Update

Da Band was a hip-hop group created in 2002 by P. Diddy for the show Making the Band 2. Around 40,000 participants auditioned for the show, but only 6 made it through – Sara Stokes, Dylan Dilinjah, Chopper, Babs, E. Ness and Freddy P. During the first few weeks of the show, they were tasked with demeaning jobs, such as the famous incident where they walked from Manhattan to Brooklyn…to buy a cheesecake for P. Diddy. The premise of the show, watching the process of creating stars, was very interesting to the audience. Due to the high interest, the show went on for 3 seasons and included lots of drama between the crew.

But that was way back, almost 16 years ago! Let’s check out what happened to the group members since then.

What Are Da Band Members Doing In 2018 – Recent Updates

E. Ness

Da Band E. Ness Lloyd Mathis, better known as E. Ness was the leader of Da Bang. His role as the leader has helped the group debut with an album that ranked number 2 of Billboard’s Top 200 Albums In The Country list.  Ness was also popular for his feuds with his fellow group member, Freddy P. However, once Da Band split up in 2003, P. Diddy decided to sign both of them into a duo.

After Da Band split up, Ness released several singles (The Ness Best Thing, The Pursuit of Happi-Ness, Wrong Turn…), and started doing rap battles. Today you can find Lloyd doing rap battles in Philadelphia.

Babs Bunny

Babs Bunnny Lynese “Babs Bunny” Wiley was the group’s only female rapper, who remained in the rap game until this day. In 2010 she started a female rap battle league, which has since become the largest one in the world. You can follow the Queen of The Ring on YouTube, where their videos are raking in millions of views. You can also find Babs herself all over social media.

Dylan Dilinjah

Dylan Dili Dylan John, better known as Dylan Dilinjah, has stayed in the rap industry since 2002. Other than his musical work, Dili is also known for a skit that Dave Chappell did on him. In 2014, he stated that he’s still earning money simply from being mentioned in the skit. Dylan also met Kanye West and Will.I.Am long before they were famous, and even had some plans to work with them, but ultimately it all failed.

Recently, he has released a new album, Pain 2 Power. Dili is very proud of his work on the album and is hoping for a Grammy nomination.


Chopper Young City Kevin “Chopper” Barnes is a controversial New Orleans rapper, formerly a member of Da Band. After the group split, he was one of the 3 members that Diddy wanted to keep working with. However, not much fruit has come from his musical career afterward. After some troublesome affairs in 2013, Chopper has decided to turn his life around. In 2015, he stated that his life is all good now. He has once again started doing music, this time turning his style around, so we are excited to see what will happen next.

Sara Stokes

Sara Stokes Another controversial icon in the band, Stara Stokes, was very difficult to work with due to her issues with her husband Tony. The troubles continued for many years, but we are happy to say that Sara has decided to improve herself in the recent times. She can be seen on the TV show “From The Bottom Up”. The show covers five women who fell from success as they are climbing their way back up.

Freddy P

Freddy P Freddy Pollok, the Miami rapper who was once all about #squadlife, has also remained in the industry. Not only is he still in the game, he has also remained friends with Chopper, and they’re planning to release a mixtape together. Today you can catch Freddy on Instagram, showing off his lifestyle and wealth.


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