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What Happened to Sean Connery? What is Sean Connery Doing Now In 2024?

There’s William Wallace, there’s Macbeth, and then there’s Sir Thomas Sean Connery. Accept no substitutes. Almost certainly the most famous living Scot today and, for most people, the most famous Scottish person of all time, Sean Connery simply had no parallel during his storied career. Whether you know Connery as the first and most famous actor to portray James Bond, as the Academy Award Winning actor from the Untouchables, or in his countless later films, you almost definitely know and love his work. Among other achievements, Connery was voted the sexiest man of the 20th century, he was knighted by the queen, and he beat up real life gangsters on no less than two occasions. He was practically a force of nature. So what ever happened to him?

sean-connery-prime After getting his start in bodybuilding, Connery became involved in live theater in his early twenties. It was at an early acting gig that Connery met Michael Caine, another famous English actor who would go on to become one of Connery’s closest friends. Connery’s first few screen roles were minor, bit film parts and BBC television roles. His first real leading role came with 1958’s Another Time, Another Place, a film about two reporters who fall into a torrid love affair during World War II. This role lead to a starring part in a Disney film: Darby O’Gill and the Little People. The fantasy film involved a power struggle between one family and a gang of mischievous leprechauns. Connery played the love interest of Darby’s daughter. The film performed well and helped gain Connery his most important role.

Before Daniel Craig, before Pierce Brosnan, before all the others, Sean Connery was James Bond. Connery played the dashing, debonair, licensed-to-kill secret agent in seven films between 1962 and 1983. James Bond effortlessly wooed every woman he met and easily outgunned most of his adversaries. Within only a couple films, the world was hooked, and the secret agent flicks based on Ian Fleming’s novel series became one of the longest running film series of all time. Of the twenty four Bond films, Connery appears in almost a third of them. Of the highest rated Bond movies, Connery appears in all but two. While Roger Moore would later match the seven film record set by Connery, he could never match Connery’s suave, intoxicating charisma as Bond. Connery’s Bond was picked as the third greatest film hero of all time by the American Film Institute, and his portrayal of the smooth-as-silk hero set the standard for not only all future Bonds, but for generations of spy heroes in general. Chief among these Connery films stand the original Bond appearance, Dr. No, and its two immediate sequels, From Russia with Love and Goldfinger. These films are considered some of the greatest in the genre. The James Bond movies made Sean Connery quite famous, but they failed to make him happy.

sean-connery-young Connery became tired of playing James Bond and did not want to be pigeonholed. In 1964, Connery appeared in the sexy mystery, Marnie, directed by Alfred Hitchcock. In Marnie, Connery faced off against one of the original femme fatales, a mistrustful, wild, troubled thief – the eponymous Marnie. Connery also appeared two classic adventure films around this time: The Man Who Would Be King, and The Wind and the Lion. In The Man Who Would Be King, Connery acted alongside his friend Michael Caine, who is most famous to many readers for portraying Bruce Wayne’s butler, Alfred, in Christopher Nolan’s Batman reboot. In the film, Caine and Connery’s characters make a pact to abandon their posts with the British army in India. Their goal is to reach Afghanistan in order to help a small-time ruler defeat his enemies, so that they can steal a great treasure from him. In the end, their plan backfires and they lose everything. The Wind and the Lion involved a similarly exotic quest telling the story of various European and American empires all trying to conquer the resource rich African country of Morocco. Connery played a North African anti-hero caught in the conflict. His character was a man who kidnaps a young American family in order to ransom them to one of the invading countries. Both films were great successes in their own time and in the present. Connery’s other hits from this time period include A Bridge Too Far and Murder on the Orient Express.

An older Connery began taking smaller roles in the eighties due to his frustrations in dealing with big film studios. This frustration would plague him throughout his career. In The Highlander, Connery played the wise and enigmatic teacher who took the title character under his wing. He then went on to win an Oscar as the grizzled but honorable cop, Jim Malone, in 1987’s The Untouchables. In this film, Connery teamed up with Kevin Costner to bring down Robert De Niro’s take on Al Capone. The movie became an instant classic of the police procedural and crime drama genres, and it brought a great deal of additional acclaim to all three actors. Connery’s last great movie of the eighties was 1989’s Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Connery played father to Indiana Jones, helping him search for the Holy Grail.

sean-connery-now In the following decade, Connery continued to act in major films, but he was somewhat typecast as the wily, aging mentor figure. A notable exception to this trend was 1990’s Tom Clancy adaptation, The Hunt for Red October, in which Connery played a Soviet defector and captain of a nuclear submarine. The film was a commercial smash. Many of Connery’s following pictures were not as successful, however. These included the medieval fantasy films, First Knight and Dragonheart, a spy film called The Avengers, and the heist film costarring Catherine Zeta-Jones, Entrapment. Connery’s final leading role came with the big budget flop, The League of Extraordinary Gentleman. Very loosely based on a comic book series by Alan Moore, the movie featured literary superheroes from the Victorian Era of England’s history. Connery frequently argued with the director, Stephen Norrington, and threatened to quit at least once.

What’s Sean Connery Doing Now in 2024 – Recent Updates

Connery officially retired from acting in 2003. His last film role was Allan Quartermain in The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. He also portrayed John Muir in the mini-series Freedom: A History of US that same year.

sean connery final acting role
The actor played Allan Quartermain in the 2012 film, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

However, he did return briefly for a couple of voice-over roles. In 2005, he lent his voice to the video game, From Russia With Love. He also narrated the 2007 documentary film, Modern Greeks: C.P. Cavafy. Then in 2012, he voiced the title character in the Scottish animated film, Sir Billi the Vet; he also helped produce the extended 80-minute version. That’s his final acting credit.

sir billii
Sean Connery’s final voice-over role was in the 2012 Scottish animated film, Sir Billi the Vet

On October 31, 2020, Connery passed away in his sleep at his Lyford Cay home. He was 90 years old. While his family did not disclose the cause of death, his son stated that he’d been ill for a period of time. It was later revealed that he had suffered from dementia in his final years.

They also stated that he was cremated and that his ashes will be scattered in his native Scotland. He is survived by his wife Micheline, his son Jason, his stepson Stephane and his brother.

sean connery with son
Sean Connery posing for a picture with his son Jason

A month after his death, TMZ obtained his death certificate, which stated that his official cause of death was cardiopulmonary failure and pneumonia; it also stated that his time of death was 1:30 am.

Many people from the entertainment industry paid their tributes to Connery following the announcement of his death including Nicolas Cage, Michael Bay, Sam Neill, Alec Baldwin, Shirley Bassey, Robert De Niro, and Harrison Ford. The producers of James Bond, Barbara Broccoli, and Michael G Wilson, also released a statement saying that he had “revolutionized the world with his witty and gritty portrayal” of the secret agent. They also credited Connery for the success of the film series.

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  2. You totally forgot to mention “The name of the Rose”, from 1986 with Christian Slater and Ron Perlman. It’s a great movie. Based on Umberto Eco’s novel.

  3. I heard he still does some voice acting. He made an amazing debut into that as Draco in DragonHeart! One of my favorite movie dragons!

  4. The Wind and the Lion and The Man Who Would be King were both John Huston productions released in 1975, hardly “about the same time” as 1964 in any sense. The arc of Vietnam rose and fell, permanently changing international culture and relations, Lazenby had been dismissed as the next Bond after one film and the Roger Moore era begun. Connery’s manager had lost most of his fortune; he was reduced to films like Zardoz to pay his bills (which still, thanks to his portrayal of the character Zed, became a cult classic). He had divorced and remarried. The two Huston films made Connery a top box office name again, but he had changed, and the world had changed.


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