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The Blu Electronic Cigarette Review – Is It Right For You?

If you’re trying to quit smoking the best alternative is the Electronic cigarette. They look similar, they feel similar and over the long term they cost slightly less. The biggest issue is accessibility. If you’re in your late nineties you may remember the glory days of the Tobacconist, the go to shop that sold only the finest tabac for the smoothest of smoke. This was before cigarettes became ubiquitous, available in every store in America. Well buying e-liquid is a lot like going to a Tobacconist, complete with purchase recommendations and general advice on using your device. But the moment to moment difference in smoking the common e-cig may not bear enough of a resemblance to a real cigarette for some. If that’s the case why not check out the Blu.

The Blu Electronic Cigarette – Is It Right For You?

Blu also produces a disposable electronic cigarette, which can be great for introducing yourself to them
Blu also produces a disposable electronic cigarette, which can be great for introducing yourself to them

The Blu electronic cigarettes hope to appeal to die-hard smoking fanatics. This electronic cigarette is a cigalike, meaning it resembles a real cigarette as closely as possible – and they get really close. The size, weight and overall pull off a Blu fairly resembles using a regular “analog” cigarette.

Blus come in two different types; there are the disposable brand and the rechargeable brand. The disposable brand typically runs around $10 to $12, and come with a long cigalike that resembles the size of a cigarillo. This is supposed to last for around 300 puffs, and is a decent introduction to what using a Blu would be like. I have seen these around in the original, menthol and cherry flavors; the menthol flavor delivers a nice, cooling rush. These can simply be tossed or recycled with batteries when you are done; these are biodegradable after 5 years.

The rechargeable brand of Blu is much different than the disposable brand. These are much shorter and more closely resemble real cigarettes. Blu does have a King size available, which resembles 100 size cigarettes and delivers more vapor. The two components of a Blu electronic cigarette are the cartridge, which contains both the juice and the atomizer, and the battery. The battery contains a signature blue LED at the end of it, which will communicate the status to the user. If a cartridge is empty it will flash 5 times. If it must cool down or is low on battery it will blink 3 times. If the battery is dead, which occasionally happens, it will blink 15 times before the life is snuffed out from it forever.

The cartridge simply screws into the battery, and a user then can take their pulls as they like. These cartridges last around 200 to 300 puffs, depending on how lucky you get with how filled the cartridge is with juice. The juices are propriety flavors exclusive to Blu. Each packet contains 5 cartridges and are available in no, low, medium or high nicotine, with high nicotine having 24 mg/ml.

When a user purchases the Blu starter kit it comes with a container resembling a cigarette packet. Inside this container actually sits a battery which can charge any of your batteries. This container is charged by micro-USB and has two indicator LEDs on the side that will show you if the battery is charging or if the container itself needs charged. The container also has slots for three cartridges (five in the old style), and a full Blu electronic cigarette. (the cartridge attached to a battery.)

Blu has a Premium 100 kit, as earlier mentioned. These resemble king-size cigarettes, as well as including a neat little social feature which will alert you of any other nearby Blu users. These batteries require specific cartridges and are not compatible with the regular size cartridges.

This little container also has a battery built inside of it, which can charge your Blu batteries
This little container also has a battery built inside of it, which can charge your Blu.

When shopping online, Blu also has a membership deal where a user can accumulate points for ordering any Blu parts or accessories; these points then translate into free cartridges for the user.

Who Should Get a Blu E-Cigarette?

Blus are an excellent transition product. If you’re looking to make the switch from regular cigarettes, and we really all should be, then they are are great product to pick up and try. They are more widely available than your typical electronic cigarette build. There is no real maintenance involved other than keeping fresh cartridges available and occasionally swabbing the battery and there is very little confusion on how to start using it. You simply charge the battery pack, insert a battery, attach a cartridge and enjoy when the battery has finished charging. Cartridges are available for around $15 for a 5 pack from retail, which is still a much better deal than cigarettes. If you are curious about electronic cigarettes and looking for something that is self-explanatory, cheap and unlikely to offend, then a Blu rechargeable kit is worth checking out.



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