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Ghostbed Mattress Review – Updated for 2018

It’s not often a mattress company claims to be over a hundred years old, but that is exactly what the company behind Ghostbed claim. The Werner family have been making products for generations, but it is only in the last decade or so that they have tried their hand at mattresses. The Ghostbed is another twist on the tried and true three tiers of foam design, popular these days, mostly because it can be shipped directly to your door. So who is this one any different from the Leesa or the Casper? Read on to find out.

About Nature’s Sleep

Nature’s Sleep was founded in 2001 by Marc Werner, the latest in a long line of Werner innovators, apparently. His forefathers founded Werner Ladders, and revolutionized that business with the introduction of the fiber glass ladder. The company is mainly a brick and mortar business, but with the rise of the online direct to consumer mattress, they needed to innovate again, thus they created the Ghostbed. Their philanthropic endeavors are too numerous to name here, but the one I most most impressed with was their Free GhostBed Military Mission, where they donate two mattresses every month to veterans, something that no other company can boast. Add in the fact that all returned mattresses are donated to charity and we have some of the best policies out of all in the mattress industry.

The Ghostbed Mattress Build Quality & Materials

ghostdog Beginning as I always do with the topper material, the Ghostbed’s top layer is a pliable polyester. Considering the materials used by others on the market, I was dismayed to see this. Sure the material is hard wearing, but it is less porous than cotton or even Rayon. It does have a pleasant spring to it, meaning it is unlikely to become saggy over time, but I would still call this material the cheaper option. It does come with a zipper, like the Yogabed, for easy removal. Machine washable too, so that should take some of the fear of stains from your mind. Aesthetically it is quite pleasing. I wouldn’t call the design a sensation, but the contrast between the crisp white top with the grey sides makes for a mattress that is certainly in the top three nicest looking. Not a huge concern, but I’ve noticed a theme with mattress design, you can usually tell how advanced a mattress is by its topper.

On to the inside, and here we find the usual three tiered foam setup, but with some novel materials for a change. The base foam layer is standard, seven and a half inches of support foam, and it does its job well. The following layer is a lot more interesting. They used gel infused memory foam. That material combines the pliability of memory foam with a cooling gel, the issue with memory foam is heat retention, but we won’t be seeing any of that here. Our final layer is an Aerated Latex foam. Latex foam has tremendous give, but the highly porous nature of this material means we won’t be having any heat retention issues. The bed stays cool when you want it to, a rare thing.

Ghostbed Overall Review

Overall I was very surprised by the quality here. That topper is ghastly, but it’s easy to cover that up with a good quality sheet, see bottom for details on a good quality sheet, but inside we have some impressive tech on display. The bed is nicely between plush and firm, and has great balance. I’m not a fan of the firmer mattresses I’ve tested, but here I found it quite pleasant. If I were to compare this mattress to another I have tested, I would say the Casper is the closest, mostly in terms of setup and feel. The dividing factor there will have to be the price, and I think you’ll be even more surprised by the value on offer here.

Ghostbed Mattress – Pricing & Returns Policy

Wonderfully priced that. The Queen is the most common bed sold, and they have the price down to a tee. Granted, when you have a huge company behind you it is easier to set a low price, to undercut the opposition, but in the short term, it is the consumers who win out here. This mattress is a full $100 cheaper than the Casper, and more than that cheaper than the Leesa. Add in free shipping and the Ghostbed becomes a real contender. Onsite offers you a foundation to go with the bed, for $200, not a service offered by most direct to consumer mattresses.

You can view all currently available discounts for the Ghostbed by clicking here. 

Twin$49539″ x 75″ x 11″
Twin XL$60039″ x 80″ x 11″
Full$67554″ x 75″ x 11″
Queen$75060″ x 80″ x 11″
King$87576″ x 80″ x 11″
Cal King$87572″ x 84″ x 11″

They really are throwing all of the weight of the company behind this bed, and it shows in the warranty. Longer than any other in the market, 20 years. Now the average life expectancy of a mattress is eight to ten years, and I imagine they are banking on the average consumer not knowing that going in, but still. That is impressive. Their trial period is tied for longest too, one hundred and one days. More than enough time to test out the mattress.

Ghostbed Mattress – So Is it Worth it in 2018?

I was not expecting to be impressed with the Ghostbed, but lo and behold I am. They have done a great job here. Crafting a bed as good as any on the market, and at a price that fw can compete with. It’s a pity I already did my top ten, as this would easily beat out the Casper, though not quite destroy the majesty of the Yogabed. Overall, a comfortable experience, at a terrific price.

Best of all you can currently get the ghostbed with all discounts automatically applied, free shipping, AND a 101 day free trial by clicking here. 

Barry W Stanton
Barry W Stanton
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