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Dolphin Triton Review – 2018 Update

Here we are again looking at robotic pool cleaners, the second in a series of articles. After taking an in depth, aha, look at the Nautilus I thought it might be a good idea to contrast that with Dolphin’s flagship pool cleaner, The Triton. There are several issues with the Nautilus that I am hoping were addressed with the Triton, minor issues true, but the latter’s problem with steps may leave some customers looking elsewhere. I am happy to report that the Triton does indeed handle steps, and with the price of this device being far in excess of the Nautilus I am hoping it handles a whole lot more too.¬† The Triton is a beast of a pool cleaner, weighing in at a hefty 47 pounds, a full 17 pounds over the Nautilus.

So what is it doing with all that extra weight? Read on for the full breakdown.

Triton Design and Build Quality

Triton belly I’ve said it before, but how the device looks should not be weighed heavily. We want a robot that can clean a pool efficiently and quickly, not one that could win a beauty pageant. With that in mind I have to say I quite like how the Triton looks. Aesthetically it looks like the Nautilus on steroids, bigger, bulkier, like it is ready to kick the butt of dirt and grime. Again we see Dolphin’s grooved cylinder propulsion system, and I am convinced that is the reason it can cling to walls so well. Usual blue plastic finish here, but one thing you will find on the Triton that is missing from the Nautilus is a handle. So simple an addition, yeah, but it makes a huge difference when trying to get it out of the pool, and being half again as heavy as the Nautilus, the Triton really needs that handle. The patented swivel cable, common to all products in the Dolphin line, is here, and extends for 60 feet.

Another impressive build from Dolphin, the attention to detail in their products says a lot about the company in general.

Triton Features and Specs

At 23.5 x 19.5 x 19.5 and 47.6 pounds, the Triton really lives up to its name. Where the Nautilus seemed to have all the features you could want from a robotic pool cleaner, the Triton has made me see the Nautilus as a little feature light. The Triton is designed for 50′ pools, and can filter 4,233 gallons of water every hour. It has a few pool settings available, but on average the standard cleaning cycle takes 3 hours to complete. Unlike the Nautilus, which is a plug and play device, the Triton comes with a handy remote control. You cannot control it directly, and set up fun races with other Tritons, but you can change the cleaning cycle type, such as quick clean cutting the cleaning cycle down to an hour. The Triton can climb the walls of the pool just as well as the Nautilus, something not all pool cleaners can manage, but it also deals with steps much better than the Nautilus, in that it can actually do them. The default filters that come with the Triton can manage smaller particles, but if you want to deal with larger debris you will have to purchase other filters.

Overall an impressive list of features, and another great product from Maytronic. The Triton is slightly better than the Nautilus in all ways, and way better in one way that I will be talking about further down the page.

Triton Ease of Use

This is an interesting section to talk about. All robotic pool cleaners are easy to use by default. In the vast majority of cases you simply drop the device into the pool and let it do its thing, done. But there are several small differences in the minutiae that make using some pool cleaners cumbersome. The Nautilus’s lack of a handle was a minor sticking point for me, and the fact that if you weren’t careful taking the thing out of the water some of the collected debris could fall back in was ridiculous. The Triton has fixed both of these issues. The handle is sturdy and when you lift it out of the water by the handle nothing falls out of it. Clearing the filter is simple, and replacing it is easier.

Very easy to use this one. If I were to mention one minor issue it would be the weight of the device. The Nautilus was hefty enough at 30 pounds, but the 47.6 pound Triton is even more difficult to handle. If you lack the strength then it makes cleaning the pool slightly more difficult than it needs to be. A minor issue overall though.

Triton Pricing, Value, & Discounts

Triton in pool Oh boy, here is the section that may turn away potential buyers. Where the Nautilus was very much a mid range robotic pool cleaner, the Triton is a high end pool cleaner. You can find it one Amazon with all discounted automatically applied by clicking here. Not ridiculous, there are a few companies with products that are more expensive, but high enough to be considered an investment. The time saved with the Triton is well worth it though. If you find yourself spending hours every week cleaning your pool then sub $1k is a fine price. Look at the math. 2 hours a week is 104 hours  a year spent cleaning a pool. At a little over minimum wage you will have made up the money in a year. Now a look at the warranty, and where the Nautilus had a simple year warranty, the Triton has a full 2 years of coverage. That may well be worth its weight in gold, as I have seen a small number of folk need repairs and replacements inside the 2 year window.

In terms of pure price, the Triton is a good deal. When you add in your time saved it is a better one and the warranty is icing on top.

Dolphin Triton Conclusion

Better than the Nautilus, and well worth the money if you have the money, kinda like most things then. If your pool has steps you kinda need to get this one though, else you will find yourself cleaning your pool manually sometimes.


  • Automatic, requires no supervision.
  • Works out of the box, no need to connect it to a pool pump.
  • Excellent price when you factor in time saved.
  • Ultra quiet.
  • Cleans walls better than the competition.
  • Remote control allows you to set the timescale of the clean.
  • Does steps! A rarity in robotic pool cleaners.


  • 47 pounds of pool cleaner may be more than some can handle.
  • You need to buy a better filter if you want it to pick up large debris, such as leaves or twigs.
  • May be more expensive than people are looking to spend on a pool cleaner.

So there you have it! To check out more reviews and the current best price online for the Dolphin Triton Click Here.

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