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Novosbed Vs Yogabed – 2018 Review & Comparison

I really love testing out mattresses. Probably the most comfortable product reviews you can do, and over the last few months I have discovered one important thing.  Comfort is pretty subjective. What I think is a good mattress you might hate. It means that options are more important here than almost anywhere. The last thing I want is for you to go out and buy a mattress I have described as amazing, and be disappointed. The good thing about the industry is their customer service options are amazing, and if you find yourself dissatisfied you can get yourself a full refund in short order.

I bring all that up because this week i will be comparing one of my favorite mattresses in terms of raw build with my favorite mattress in terms of options. The Yogabed is a work of art under the covers, with its impressive tech and multi-layered foams, from an out of the box perspective there is a lot to like about it. The Novosbed is also a very impressive build, but considering what Yogabed is working with it is slightly less so. However, it does have more options than I have ever seen in a mattress, not only in terms of base composition but also in perks, with its comfort+ system.

So let’s get into it, this is going to be a hard fought head to head, but I have to choose a winner.

Company Vs Company – Novosbed Vs Yogabed

As is tradition we start this off with a look at what these companies are doing to give back to their communities, and I have to say I was greatly impressed with them both. In the past I have talked about how Yogabed are not being very vocal about their philanthropy, and this section has not been in their favor as a result. In the last week I have discovered more details on their charity work, and not only are they certainly donating all returned products, but they are making an effort to donate $50,000 worth of mattresses to charity over the next year. In addition a small percentage of Yogabed’s sales goes to help fight cancer, and they hope to be able to donate $100,000 to various charities. The fact that they do not publicize this more is commendable, but I feel that the public should know about it. Novosbed also donate all returned mattresses, and have given to many charities in the past. I have recently found out about their reaction to the Fort McMurray fires, and they are right now doing their best to make sure that everyone has a comfortable place to sleep after losing their homes and possessions. Honestly I am blown away by the generosity displayed by both of these companies, and can call this nothing more than a draw. I hope other firms are paying attention.

Winner – Draw.

Yogabed Vs Novosbed Mattress Build Quality and Materials

yogabed From the top, or at least a section on the topper material used by each firm. The Novosbed uses two different Poly-blend fibers, one on the very top and the other on the side. The material on the top is comfortable and very porous, while the material on the side is more durable. When a company foregoes using an all cotton topper you tend to find that it is less comfortable, but more hard wearing, in the case of the Novosbed they have combined these two materials to match cotton in all aspects. Yogabed uses a Thermacool based topper materials. So while it isn’t as comfortable as the Novosbed, it is better at dissipating heat and slightly more durable. Both of the mattresses are quite pleasant to look at, and the attention to detail speaks volumes about how much the companies care. Picking a winner for this section is difficult. While Yogabed have the more advanced topper material, I think the comfort and durability offered by Novosbed’s two tiered design puts them a little ahead in this section.

Winner – Novosbed

novosbed-product-19Bon to the innards, and I think you’ll agree that both of these mattresses are very special. The Yogabed is a four tier design, breaking away from the more common three tier, and uses a hyper dense one inch foam layer at the base. This is topped with an additional base foam layer six and a half inches deep. These two layers work in tandem to create wonderful rigid support, and thus creating one of the best beds on the market for back pain. Finishing us off is two comfort layers, one of Yogagel 1.75″ and one of Yogafoam o.75″. They are both memory foam derivatives shaped and constructed for slightly different purposes. Standard memory foam has heat retention issues, so Yogagel has integrated cooling gel to mitigate that. The Yogafoam is a kind of rapid response foam that conforms to your contours faster, creating a mattress suited to all of the major sleeping positions. In all, I would prefer slightly more foam, but what is there works together brilliantly to craft a bespoke-esque sleeping experience you’ll likely not forget.

The Novosbed is all about options. First you have to pick the kind of bed you want, Soft, Medium or Firm. The Medium and Firm options are very similar. Both use 7″ of base foam and are topped with two 2″ layers of dense memory foam. The density of the memory foam is the reason for the heat retention. By doubling up on memory foam layers, and making them both denser and more porous, Novosbed have eliminated the issue. The Firm’s topmost layer is slightly less dense, leading to a firmer sleeping experience. The Soft is the one I am most fond of, and it is something special. The base layer is 6″ and this is followed by 3″ of memory foam and 2″ of gel infused aerated memory foam. That gel mitigates the warming effect of the memory foam, and creates one of my favorite sleeping experiences.

Winner – Draw

Novosbed Vs Yogabed Overall Review

Both of these mattresses are fantastic, no question. While the Yogabed is using some great tech, and have managed to make one of my favorite products on the market, Novosbed have them beat in both the topper material and the options departments. When everything is taken into account Novosbed have a slight lead.

Winner – Novosbed

Yogabed Vs Novosbed – Pricing & Returns Policy

Ah the pricing, this is where the choice is made for most of us. A quick look at the prices is not going to tell us the whole story though. This is the mattress industry, so we have to factor in the discounts. Both of these firms have a set $100 discount on all mattresses. So no real help there. The Queen from Yogabed will set you back $749 after discounts, much cheaper than the $999 Queen from Novosbed. It is true that the tech in the Novosbed is a little more advanced. And we haven’t factored in Novosbed’s impressive Comfort+ system. If you find yourself not enjoying the feel of your Novosbed, they will send you a half dozen mattress toppers that fit flush inside the mattress, allowing you to dial in your comfort level. That’s free by the way. when we consider that the price difference is less pronounced.

Twin XL$599$949
Cal King$949$1299

Overall you are getting more mattress with the Novosbed than you are with any other firm. But the Yogabed is an amazing product that is $150 cheaper. Both firms have free shipping. Let’s look at the customer service policies. Novosbed offer 120 nights of trial period, if by then end of that you don’t like your Novosbed you can send it back for a full refund, and rest assured that it will go to a shelter. Yogabed allow 101 nights, which is ample. The Yogabed warranty is 10 years, and that covers visible sag in the mattress, so remember that. Novosbed’s warranty is slightly longer, at 15 years, but considering the average life expectancy of a mattress is ten years this is less impressive than it looks at first glance.

Update: That said you can currently save $100 on the Novosbed by clicking here. 

Winner – Yogabed

Novosbed Vs Yogabed – Conclusion

Well this is a hard one to call overall. On the one hand Novosbed offer the better product and a greater range of options. Their price is fair and the customer support is top notch. On the other hand Yogabed has crafted a superb sleeping experience, they have a far lower price and their CS policies are competitive. I think this one comes down to what you can afford. Both products are fantastic, so if you can’t afford a Novosbed you lose only a little by going for the Yogabed. If you have the cash to spend then I would recommend you go for the Novosbed, hands down.

2016 UPDATE: You can currently get the Novosbed with a $100 discount by clicking this link then using the exclusive to our readers coupon code Gazette100.  
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