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ZUS Review 2018 – A Charger That Finds Your Car

It my be a USB car charger fundamentally, but this lovely little gadget from Nonda does much more than make sure your phone is charged. Seeing a gap in the car charger market this Palo Alto based tech company ran a successful Indiegogo campaign back in November of 2015. The result was the ZUS, a device capable of not only charging any phone quickly, but a device that comes with an integrated app that can track your car, connect to multiple ZUS and even let your friends and family know where you have parked. Since the device was released it has won numerous awards, and it is not hard to see why.

So let’s take a look at the thing proper, see if it’s the right fit for you.

Design and Aesthetics

Zus Aesthetics It may not seem like the most important section to begin with, but I am a fan of visually appealing hardware. The build quality on offer here is great, the ZUS has a nice heft to it, and that is almost always synonymous with the high end. The black titanium coating feels fantastic, but I am not a fan of the overall look. I realize I am in the minority here, but design wise we see a combination of curves and stark cut angles that I find a little jarring. I can see what they are going for though, and I am quite sure that others will find this a very pleasing piece of tech to look at. I love the LEDs though. They are not only functional, allowing you to easily find your ZUS, and the ports, in the dark, but from a pure aesthetics standpoint look amazing.

Overall I was impressed with the physical quality on offer, and they made some great design choices. In spite of my opinion on the core look of the device, it is still the best looking USB car charger on the market.

Features And Integrations

Here’s the meat of the article. If I were to review literally any other USB car charger this section would essentially read, “This thing charges your phone real good” and that would be about it. But those passionate folks over at Nonda did not want to create a device that simply charges a phone quickly. No, they wanted a feature rich, app driven Car charger experience. Let’s at least start with the charging features. The ZUS will charge any phone you care to plug into it. In addition it includes a chip that can detect your OEM charge cable and adjust the power on the fly, making sure to send the maximum rate of charge your phone can handle. It is why the ZUS can claim to be the fastest Car charger on the market, with charge time estimates for 2 iPhones being 2 hours, almost half the industry average.

The periphery features of the ZUS are arguably the more impressive. The ZUS app allows you to track in real time where you parked our car. It does not simply open up a google maps page with your car marked, no no, it is a real time tracker that points you in the direction of your vehicle, letting you know the distance too. You can even share the location with friends and family, via the app of course, so they can know where to find your car. Doing so is easy, just open the map view and click the little share button in the top right corner. The ZUS app can also be sued to track and control multiple cars at once, assuming you have both multiple cars and multiple ZUS’.

If you ever find yourself in a situation where your parking time is limited the ZS can really help you out. When you park the ZUS auto-prompts you to set a timer, then alerts you when you are running of time. You can turn his feature off easily enough, but I can’t imagine why you would want to.

Performance and Price

Zus app I mentioned briefly the speed with which the ZUS can charge a pair of phones, around 2 hours, but its tablet charge time is equally impressive, averaging around 4 hours. A source of relief for me was the operating temperature. Anyone who has bought a third party charge knows the inherent dangers involved. We like to plug in an forget them, let them do their thing, but the temperatures they can reach while charging should give anyone pause. I know for a fact that the current best selling car charger on amazon has an operating temp of 133°F on a cool day. That is not something you would want left running for any length of time. The ZUS cruises at a comfortable 87°F. Not only is that safer, but it also effectively doubles the lifespan of the ZUS. You would expect all this to add up in terms of price, and you are broadly correct. Best of all you can currently get the ZUS at a substantial discount at by clicking here for the discounted price. At this price it’s fairly easy to say that the ZUS is a bargin for everything it brings to the table.


Overall I was very impressed with the ZUS. I have been looking for a good car charger for a while, and to find one that not only charges quickly but also comes with a plethora of other extremely useful features is fantastic. If you are looking for a car charger that works well and is safe then get the ZUS. If you are looking for a car gadget that is packed full of features that will save you time and money on a daily basis then get the ZUS.

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