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The Best Leather Conditioners 2018 – Reviews & Comparisons

Leather conditioning is necessary for anyone who wants to maintain the quality of his or her leather possessions for years. What most people tend to forget is that leather is skin, and while it is both flexible and durable, it still needs nourishment and care. Leather is generally found on car seats, saddles, bags, clothing, furniture, and sports equipment. Leather shoes for example, namely boots, are exposed to conditions and environments from rain, mud, snow, and everything in between. These harsh conditions take a toll on not only the physical appearance of the leather but also on the longevity of the boot. Since most quality leathers are expensive, it is wise to invest in a leather conditioner that preserve the material and original functionality.

Varieties of leather conditioners are available in the market. Below is a guide to the top leather conditioners in the marker: Leather Nova, Leather Honey, Chamberlain’s Leather Milk, Lexol, and Meguiars. They apply many factors in order to appeal to consumers, and so a good leather conditioner is one that can successfully be absorbed by the leather and simultaneously restore the suppleness in the individual strands. It is important for a conditioner to sufficiently supply the leather with moisture that it would lose naturally over time due to use and general wear and tear.

Leather Nova makes a variety of leather products catering to all types of surfaces. Their products are designed to suit any care that is necessary for the prosperity of the leather. The Leather Nova asserts that their products are free of toxins and are earth friendly. Their products also include a microfiber towel to provide ease when applying the conditioner.


Leather Nova products include the leather conditioner and restorer, a leather cleaner, a combination bottle of both conditioner and cleaner. Therefore, the customer has the option of buying the individual products or a 2-in-1 formula, which many consumer may find more convenient. Their formula claims to not be greasy and dries quickly which is important to maintain optimal leather quality. Unlike other conditioners, Leather nova can work on both Leather and vinyl, and may be applied on any and all surfaces, large or small

Leather nova dried quickly, usually within an hour upon application and gives off the aroma of new leather. Not only will it condition and treat the leather, but also its penetrating capabilities can get rid of scratches and wear and tear that has developed over a long period of time.

Leather Honey was established in 1968 as a family business and prides itself on the artisanship in leather conditioning. Their products, like the rest claim to truly penetrate into the micro-level of the leather in order preserve its condition.


As far as testing, Leather honey can be distinguished from their rivals by their animal-free products. Their formula is known to last a relatively long time, an average of six months, while other product may only last a month or two. The leather cleaner comes in a variety of sizes including half pint, pint, quart, half gallon to a gallon. They also offer a leather cleaner. They are slightly pricier than their counterparts are with prices ranging from $15.95-$89.95 per product, taking into account the various sizes.

While leather Honey can be used on all types of leather, it does not work on faux leather or vinyl. It is known to last much longer than its rivals do and has no smell. However, the drying process may take a while, usually between a couple hours and a couple days due to its strength and depth when immersing into the leathers pores.

Lexol is another conditioner but unlike its rivals, it emphasizes on its versatility on the different types of leathers including, car seats, furniture, and sport equipment. They also set themselves apart by providing spray bottles, which you spray on the desired surface and wipe away once the conditioner loosens the dirt of the leather.


Lexol also offers many products that are pH balanced. This is important when one remember that leather acts like skin and so it is essential to consider maintaining an optimal level of acidity and basicity when it comes to the preservation of the leather. While many products like to add a shine to their conditioning treatment, Lexol goes for a more natural result during its restoration process. In this regard, it is pleasantly non-ostentatious in its conditioning.

Users of Lexol general commend the product on it is before and after effect, especially on much degraded leather. Keeping in mind harsh cracks, the aging of leather and the dryness that comes with it, Lexol can save someone money due to its efficiency in transforming the old leather to look new again.

Chamberlain’s Leather Milk guarantees the same satisfaction an results as the other conditioners, however their products use less oil, and more water, thus providing not just a conditioning treatment to the leather but also a thorough clean.


Customers make notice of the natural aroma given off by the cleaner attesting to their avoidance of chemicals in their products. Leather Milk’s products are numbered as a suggestion of how to use them accordingly, each having a particular function for the safeguarding of the leather. The first three are conditioner, the cleaner, and the leather protector, respectively. Four and five correspond to the care of auto-related leather and furniture leather.

Meguiars has been around since 1901 and it is very evident in their extensive catalog of products available. Their leather conditioner is not their principle product but rather just one of many auto-care products. They sell anything from car mirror cleaners, to leather treatments, to treatment products for boats and yachts. Unlike the rest, their work is not solely dedicated to leather conditioning but rather all automobile related care, so any leather they focus on isn’t as varied as the rest, which do tend to cater to a greater variety of leather, be it clothing, sports, auto, or furniture.


Meguiars Leather conditioner, which can be used for leather car seats, or motorcycles seats leave the seat clean and with a noticeable shine. It takes a very short time to dry, only a few minutes. Afterwards there is no sign of grease residue.

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