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Maytronics Dolphin Triton Plus – Robotic Pool Cleaner Review

I am now coming to the end of my reviews on the Maytronic Dolphin line of robotic pool cleaners, and I must say it has been a ride. Granted, they will all need an addendum when Maytronics gets back to me regarding the warranty details, but for the most part I have been very impressed with what they have to offer. I am particularly intrigued by their habit of re releasing the same bot using different retailers. They have exclusivity contracts with some retailers, and instead of designing truly unique machines for them, they simple rename and repaint an old one. It’s great for the savvy consumer, as if you know that the Triton Plus is for you then you will also know that the Explorer Plus and the Oasis Z5 are also what you’re looking for. It makes it super easy to find a bargain.

As for the build itself, there is a lot to like about this set of bots. The Triton Plus is an upper mid bot, with a full range of useful features, each complimenting the already impressive core Dolphin feature set that I rave about. The Triton and Nautilus bots were where I started, so it only sees fitting to end this series with the Triton Plus.

Maytronics Dolphin Triton Plus Design and Build Quality

triton-plus-bottom I have found over my long career as a professional reviewer of robotic cleaners that there is only really two things to look out for when determining the core quality of a build. The first is in the name. Name brand robotic pool cleaners are best, if the company only makes a few models, and has a lackluster warranty, then run away. If they have a wide range of products and a tried and true warranty, then you are in the right place. The other thing to do is really to discover factory defects early. Shake the bot. There should be little to no rattle. Dolphin builds are all high quality, and the Triton Plus is similar. The parts fit flush.

As for the look of the build, the sleek modern Triton and Nautilus series do not disappoint. It was these bots that I first reviewed from Dolphin, and they were a joy to behold after the weird shapes and odd colors of the Aquabot line of cleaners. They are still great bots, don’t get me wrong, but at the time I thought Maytronics must have bought up all the good designers. Not the case, as the Dolphin stable is full of highly functionally fugly machines. The Triton Plus is not one of them, a robust tank like build, with a cool blue and black color scheme. Considering the orange color scheme of the Explorer Plus, this may be the better option.

Overall the look of the build should have little impact on what bot you choose. It is when you make your choice that it becomes slightly more important. There will always be more than one bot that fits the bill, and finding the clone you like the look of is going to be the one you go for, price permitting.

Maytronics Dolphin Triton Plus Features and Specs

Always nice to review a fully featured robotic pool cleaner, more to write about then, see? The Triton Plus comes with all manner of bells and whistles, but it;s the core features that make this bot so attractive. This is an in ground robotic pool cleaner with a 60″ swivel cable. Swivel cables are tangle resistant, and if you have ever owned a robot pool cleaner before you will know how common it is for a non swivel cable to warp, stopping the cycle and rending the point of a robotic pool cleaner moot. Always nice to see a swivel cable, shows a level of attention to detail not seen in many builds from other firms.

On the inside we have Maytronics standard high powered pool pump, capable of filtering 4,322 gallons of water every hour. Combine that with a standard cycle time of 2.5 hours and we have some good cleaning options here. There is an option for a rapid clean 1 hour cycle, in case of an emergency pool party too. The scrubbing brushes on the bottom are both robust and powerful, able to clean the floor well, and even remove the grout ingrained between tiles. In addition to cleaning the floor, this bot can make that 90 degree transition to the pool wall, cleaning it from bottom to top with ease. The bot uses a cartridge system as standard, and it is top mounted making this one of my favorite designs of all time. It also comes with a caddy, which can be handy. Rounding out the core features is the full filter indicator and the weekly timer function. With both of these features you don’t have to take the Triton Plus out of the water until it is full.

Now, the remote control options. You can set the timers, and the cycle, with the remote control. But what would be the point in a remote control if you couldn’t get some manual control in there. With a simple button press you can move the Triton Plus yourself, though not with true 1:1 accuracy. It is still impressive, and very useful when you want to target specific areas.

Overall this is an impressive list of features. The core Dolphin feature set tends to be worth it on its own, but add in filter indicators, remote control options and a few free accessories and the whole kit becomes all the more impressive.

Maytronics Dolphin Triton Plus Ease of Use

If you are out looking for a robotic pool cleaner be sure to make sure that it comes with an internal pump. I exclusively review all in one devices, as I find the other kind of robotic pool cleaner, the kind that require extensive set up to eternal pump system, unnecessary these days. The internal pump of a Dolphin build is more than powerful enough to clean a pool and do it well. The Triton Plus is an all in one build, all you have to do is plug it in, drop it in the pool and set the cycle using the handy remote control. Granted, simply by having a remote control using a Triton Plus is more difficult, but it is not a steep learning curve, and the added functionality makes it more than worth it from my perspective.

Now, as to the issues with the build, they are few and far between. This is not a legacy build, as as such it corrects all of those old design issues I have with some of the other robotic pool cleaners from Dolphin. The Filter is top loading, so no need to flip the bot over, it is a cartridge, so no issues with human error. As for the weight of the build 18 pounds is fairly hefty, but the caddy that comes as standard makes getting around with it easy, and the handle is nice and long too.

As was the case with the Nautilus Plus, this next generation in robotic cleaners from Maytronics is very impressive. There are no real problems with the build, beyond possibly the weight. The only ting left to talk about is the price. And that’s up next.

Maytronics Dolphin Triton Plus Pricing, Value, & Discounts

triton-plus-near-pool The price of the cleaner will sway you one way or the other. It is a simple truth. Usually with these feature packed modern machines I get to this section and have to spew out some ridiculous price, but that is not the case this time. $900 – $1100 price range for the Triton Plus is very reasonable. Remember that the Triton Plus is the same machine as the Explorer Plus and the Oasis Z5, be on the hunt for a bargain and you will certainly get the sub $1k price. I always take a moment to talk about what a robotic pool cleaner represents. It is more than a simple device to clean your pool, it is a piece of tech that will give you hours back. Depending on how you value an hour any robotic pool cleaner will have paid you back in time.

There are certain other costs to consider. The cost to run the machine for a start. With the Aquabot line I was able to proved a fairly accurate estimate as to the cycle costs. I cannot do that with the Dolphin line of cleaners as Maytronics have not released the power consumption information. I assume an average of 180W, and factor in the cost per kilowatt hour to determine that the average cycle will cost you at least 10c, and 17c at most. It depends on your area, so please look it up. I get that this is not a huge sum, but I think it is important to find out the financial impact of any new piece of tech that comes into your life, so please bear it in mind.

I am a product reviewer, so I spend a fair amount of time dissecting warranties. I can spot a lemon a mile off, and I’m pretty good at spotting a bad warranty too. I had a great time braking down the full coverage and limited warranty from Aquabot, one of them is not worth the money, guess which. I was looking forward to doing the same thing regarding the Dolphin warranty, both he bumper to bumper and the limited, but I cannot. Maytronics have still not replied. I emailed them quite a while back, and again much more recently, requesting the full warranty information. Without it I cannot make a real value judgement on the 24 month warranty that comes with the Dolphin Triton Plus. When you hear the term bumper to bumper it usually means both parts and labor are covered, but that is mostly with cars. Not too sure how it translates to robotic pool cleaners. I will update this review, and all my other reviews, when I receive more information.

Maytronics Dolphin Triton Plus Conclusion

Well, with the exception of the lack of real warranty information, this is a mighty fine option. If you find it in your price range, and the minor niggles of the previous gen tech sis too much for you, the bottom loading filter chamber and the filter bag system that plagues bots older than the Triton Plus, then this is a contender. If I had more warranty information this would certainly be in my top 5. Without it I can only call it amazing.


  • Works out of the box, no need to connect it to a pool pump.
  • Cleans walls and the tile line
  • Caddy
  • All the features, seriously.
  • Filter cartridge conversion kit.
  • Considering this is a true fully features robotic pool cleaner, the price is wonderful
  • Top loading filter cartridge
  • uses a filter cartridge


  • Warranty information is very light.
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