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Saatva Vs Casper – 2018 Mattress Reviews and Comparisons

I feel I have neglected the Casper in the last few months. Where all the other mattresses I have looked at have received comprehensive head to head comparisons with all the other mattresses, the Casper has only got the one, a Leesa head to head I wrote months back. So I think it’s high time this happened. The Saatva deviates from the consensus in terms of design these days, being a coil spring based mattress in the age of foam, but there are still many benefits to spring mattresses that aren’t matched by their foam counterparts. The Casper is a more modern traditional build, that now classic three tiers of foam, a firmer experience but one that can match with the bet in the industry.

So let’s take a more in depth look at these two builds, see if the Saatva is still relevant, see if the low tech Casper can match up, see which one is better in other words.

Company Vs Company – Casper Vs Saatva

I feel like I already covered this in the Loom and Leaf Vs Casper article, but regardless. Saatva are one of the industry leaders in terms of philanthropy. They have in the past donated product to a wide variety of charities, and to list them all here would take up the rest of the article. They also donated mattresses to the victims of hurricane Sandy, and are sure to donate all returned mattresses to charity. Unfortunately I have been unable to find comparative work coming out of Casper. I am certain they give their fair share, but the only thing I know for certain is they donate all returned mattresses to charity. I have gotten in contact with them regarding their charity work and hope to update the article soon. in the meantime this section has to go to Saatva.

Winner – Saatva

Saatva Vs Casper Mattress Build Quality and Materials

casper layers Saatva have a bit of a reputation in these articles. It is next to impossible for them to come out the loser in the mattress topper material comparison for one simple reason. They use 100% cotton, and anyone who has slept on pure cotton can attest it is the best. The material combines the holy trinity of mattress topper qualities, breathability, Durability and Comfort, together in a way unmatched by any other material. Add in the fact that the Saatva has a euro-style pillow topper and it is non starter for Casper. A Euro-Style mattress topper is essentially a built in pillow and is flush with the mattress. The Casper uses a Poly-Blend that is arguably more durable than the cotton topper, but lacks the comfort and porousness. It is a great choice of material, and if I were comparing it to Hemp or Lycra it might have come out on top, but no here.

Winner – Saatva

On to the insides, and besides both being mattresses, these two are as different as chalk and cheese. The Casper is a streamlined mattress. it removed all the bells and whistles that mattress companies have been shoving their products for the last 20 years to create a focused sleeping experience. A simple three tiers of foam build, with 7 inches of support foam topped by two 1.5 inch layers of foam, the first memory foam the second Latex foam. The latex foam acts a rapid response buffer layer between you and the memory foam, and also dissipates heat faster. Overall the thick support foam layer does wonders for a bad back, and the memory foam give you just enough hug to put you to sleep, and not cook you alive. In all an impressive build.

saatva Saatva is a coil spring build, a box spring foundation layer, that arguably provides better contouring than base foam, topped with their own wrapped contour coils. Those coils provide excellent comfort and mitigate the depression issue when sleeping with a partner. Next up is the obligatory memory foam layer, the heat retention not being an issue when the majority of the mattress insides are made of metal. The final layer is an edge support system, for durability. Overall, this is an old school mattress with a very new school design philosophy.

Winner – Saatva

Casper Vs Saatva Overall Review

Comparing these two is hard. they clearly aim for different areas of the market, but they are both mattresses so I have to pick a winner. I have to call it for the Saatva. It provides an experience that is hard to come by these days, with it’s coil springs, but the Casper has its niche. If you want a simple mattress, that is inexpensive and great for back pains and aches, then that might be the mattress for you. Bear in mind the trial periods for both, it makes picking a mattress far less stressful.

Winner – Saatva

Saatva Vs Casper – Pricing & Returns Policy

As is usually they case with the Casper, theis is a section where they really knock it outta the park. The Base price for these mattresses in the queen is $850 for the Casper, compared to $899 for the Saatva. the Saatva may not seem that miuch more expensive, but those figures fail to facotr in the delivery charge of $99 for all Saatva products. Nor does it take into account the $50 discount you can get for your Casper mattress. Thus the adjusted figures are $800 for the Casper and $998 for the Saatva. $200 is no small amount of money.

Twin XL$600$699
Cal King$950$1299


The customer service policies of both companies are fantastic. It seems to be a bit of a trend in the mattress industry, and one I wish we could see elsewhere. First up a look at the trial periods. Saatva offer a 75 night money back trial period. If you don’t like the mattress they pick it up for free and donate it to charity. Casper offer a slightly longer trial, 100 nights. Casper offer the standard 10 year warranty, beaten by Saatva’s 15, but considering the average lifespan of a mattress is 10 years I would not weigh that too heavily in their favor. Overall both companies provide excellent service and an excellent price, but this one has to go to Casper.

Winner – Casper

Saatva Vs Casper – Conclusion

If we were to treat this as a pure numbers game then Saatva is the clear winner, beating out Casper in all categories besides Price. But the importance of price to the consumer is in many ways paramount. If you cannot afford the Saatva then the Casper is a great option, it has some of the best back support in the business, but I would still recommend the Saatva over it.

Overall Winner – Saatva

Saatva & Casper – Discounts & Coupon Codes for 2016

We did the busywork for you guys and found the best discounts, coupon codes, and promotions available for both mattresses.

Saatva Discount – 

The bad news: Saatva doesn’t offer coupon codes ever. That said your best option is to get it direct from the manufacturer so their isn’t any markup.  You can do that by clicking here which will provide their best online price guaranteed.

Casper Discount – 

Casper also doesn’t offer and discounts on their website however you can usually get it for a better price by clicking here to get the best current price at  Best of all you can get it with free Prime Shipping so you’ll be sleeping in your mattress in no time.

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