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Layla Coupon Codes January 2020 – Updated & Working Promo Codes

I miss the days of reviewing mattresses. I don’t think I ever slept better, to be honest. And while this series on coupon codes is not quite the same, it is nice to be able to spread the knowledge I gained last year during my mattress testing and reviews. The Layla came to my attention when a helpful reader mentioned that they went for the Layla over the Ghostbed. I had never heard of the Layla, so I dove right in and found out everything I could. In the end, I was a little confused by the design, but not unimpressed with it. It will be nice to return to the Layla today, with a bent towards finding you the best on it I possibly can.

Layla Coupon Code July 2018 – Updated & Working Promo Codes

Using the codes here is simple.

Step 1: You can click here to activate the coupons and visit the website. You will see the current highest cash back coupon code available after clicking the link. It currently looks like lucky70 is the best deal saving you $70 on your order.

Be sure to check back for more codes as and when I find them. One of the best things about the direct to consumer mattress market is the level of customer support you can expect from them. Few other industries can match them here, and when you buy a Layla mattress you get a full 120 days to test it out. If you don’t like it Layla will provide a full refund, and donate the mattress to charity. When you do like it you get a 10 year warranty, and that covers sag too, as mattresses should remain pliable and comfortable for at least ten years after purchase.

Layla Mattress 2018 – A Brief Re-Review

Layla Innards e1467222895579 I always start these recap reviews with a look at the topper material, knowing what is used to coat the mattress is important, it can tell you where the focus on the designer was, whether on durability, porousness or comfort, and for the most part a firm has to compromise in one key area. With the Layla we may never know, as the material information was never released, and they did not respond to my inquiries way back when. What I can tell you is the topper is infused with heat dissipating thermogel. Thermogel has a leg up over gel infused memory foam due to the speed of action. Thermogel infused toppers start their cooling reaction a whole lot faster, leading to superior temperature maintenance on the Layla than pretty much any other design out there.

On the inside we have a mattress that is trying to be all things to all men, and succeeding after a fashion. Rather than three tiers of foam working in unison to create a singular experience, the Layla has three tiers of foam, with the comfort foam being top and bottom. This leaves the support foam in the middle, meaning if you flip the mattress you have two different firmness levels. The memory foam on one side is 1″ thick, and infused with copper, while on the other side it is 3″ thick, and also infused with copper. Special attention has been paid to the temperature of the sleeper with this mattress and if you find yourself overheating often this is the right one for you. The only issue I have is the health claims they make, involving copper and conductivity. You are never going to be in contact with the copper and even if you were the healing properties, and anti-inflammatory effects, pale in comparison to even a single small dose of ibuprofen.

The magic health benefits aside, this is an amazingly designed product. It is tailor-made for the hot sleeper, and the choice of two firmness levels is icing on the cake.

So happy hunting folks, if you find any good codes be sure to let me know, and if you want to read more about the Layla be sure to check out my full review from last year, updated recently of course, here.

Barry W Stanton
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