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Top 10 Bizarre Sexual Traditions

If you thought that the sex in the back seat of your car or binding the partner for the bed is exotic, you are wrong. Throughout the human history, many people had a variety of unusual sex traditions and some of them are practiced even in the 21st century. From public masturbation to drinking the semen, we bring you a list of bizarre sexual practices around the globe. Here is our top 10 list of the most bizarre sexual traditions.

10) Iranian Sex Law

Iranian Sex Law By the Iranian law, couples who have sex or even date and hold hands and are not married can be fined, arrested or even flogged. A small part of Iranians, found a convenient way to avoid the law when it comes to sexual intercourses before the marriage. A young couple may pay for a brief ceremony and a formal agreement, which states that they are married for a certain period of time. They can choose the duration of marriage from 3 minutes to 100 years. So, since they are technically married, the man and the woman can then enjoy sex as much as they want without breaking the law.

9) Nyotaimori

Nyotaimori Nyotaimori is a really unusual Japanese tradition. It has its origins in the samurai period, when it was organized to celebrate a victory in the battle. It is a tradition of eating sushi from the mostly naked female body or in the case of eating from a naked man’s body, it would be called Nantaimori. Justification for the bizarre Japanese table is the fact that the body temperature can maintain the temperature of the meal. Although, the whole thing looks obviously sexual, Japanese consider it sexual only if the girl’s crotch is unshaven.

8) Middle Age Investigators

Middle Age Investigators In the Middle Ages, when a man could not do his duty in bed, the Church would send a private investigators. Investigators were the wise women who would conduct a full research on a mans penis that can’t perform an erection. After that, they would bring a conclusion, regarding the patient’s general health and whether he could make children. In a case of the deformation of the penis or some other valid reason why there can be no intercourse, marriage could be annulled.

7) The Wodaabe Wife Stealing

The Wodaabe Wife Stealing The Wodaabe tribe that comes from Niger is known for marrying their own cousins. These first marriages are organized by their parents, but many of the married couples succeed in getting a divorce at the Gerewol festival. Once a year, the members of the tribe gather at the festival called Gerewol with painted faces and costumes appropriate for the occasion. On the day of the festival they are trying to seduce other men’s wives. Those who manage to sneak out of the party with a new partner are officially counted as a newly married couple.

6) Greeks And The Sexual Dominance

Greeks And The Sexual Dominance In ancient Greece, being gay was a completely normal thing. Greeks were not worried on whether it is a man or a woman when it comes to the sex. But, the thing that mattered the most was in the performance. The main question is who performs the penetration, and who is being penetrated. The importance of active and passive position in sex, for the Greeks, was associated with the dominance. Men or members of higher social status were penetrators and women and members of lower social status were penetrated.

5) Egyptian God Worship Ritual

Egyptian God Worship Ritual In ancient Egypt, there was the belief that the existence of the Nile is a result of the Atum (the god of creation) ejaculation. This belief gave birth to the traditional Pharaoh masturbating by the river. The people were so enthusiastic about the Pharaoh’s personal dedication that they immediately found a way for them to contribute to the general joy. So, many men started to masturbate in public in the name of God Min who was the divinity of the Pharaoh potency. In today’s world, such an act would surely end up in arresting all the participants of the event.

4) Nepali’s Polyandry

Nepalis Polyandry The Nepali people have very little land that is suitable for agriculture. So, when it comes to the inheritance of the land it is really hard to keep the parcels in the family. And the parcels would become smaller and smaller in a short period of time. Then, Ingenious people of the Himalayas, have found the solution. They married all the brothers to only one wife, so the land remains in the family and one large family can live under one roof. In conclusion, economy can be a really weird thing.

3) Saut d’Eau Ritual

Saut dEau Ritual In Haiti, there is a town by the name of Saut d’Eau. Every summer, the town is holding the ritual, which is dedicated to the goddess of love. Those who practice voodoo, gather around and participate in a big orgy. This bizarre ritual sounds almost acceptable, but if you have imagined many intertwined naked bodies under the moonlit waterfall, you are wrong. It is more like a bunch of naked people covered in mud and blood of sacrificed animals. In short, it is rather a scene of horror than the scene from porn films.

2) Mardudjara Aborigines Maturity Ritual

Mardudjara Aborigines Maturity Ritual Mardudjara Aborigines come from Australia and they have a maturity ritual that combines the barbarity of circumcision and swallowing of removed foreskin of the penis. But, do not think that the worst part is over. When the guys finally recover from the circumcision, they must endure another painful step in this process of initiation. They get a cut on the underside of the penis by its length, which can be so deep that after the cutting they spent the whole life  urinating through the newly created hole. We assume that there is probably some explanation for this whole process, but we concluded that it might be better to leave that for an article about some bizarre beliefs.

1) The Sambia Tribe’s Initiation

The Sambia Tribes Initiation The Sambians are the tribe from Papua New Guinea and they have a really weird way of manhood initiation. In this tribe, the boys can become men only if they drink the seeds of their elders, when they turn 17. This is not the only bizarre part of growing up, of the male children in this tribe. From the age of 7 to the maturity ritual, the boys live only with men and they are obligated to regularly cause themselves a bleeding from the nose. Once they are married, men must continue to cause nose bleeding every time when their wives have their periods.

So, this is our top 10 list of freakishly weird sexual traditions from all around the world. What do you think about these traditions? Have you heard of some unusual sexual tradition? Leave your opinion in the comment section below.







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