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Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in 2018

A high paying career has always been extremely desirable. A major incentive behind years of intensive full-time schooling and student loan debt is the eventual paycheck that comes after. Every year, millions of young students enroll in universities embark on a journey for the promises of riches and prestige.

As one would expect, most of the highest paying occupations take years of learning and experience. However, they also offer good benefits, flexible hours, and more opportunities for advancement.

10. Lawyer – $115,820 per year

Lawyers are necessary for society to function. Even simple matters such as traffic violations require guidance from a lawyer. A career in law is ideal for someone extroverted, passionate, and driven. For many years, a career in law has been highly sought after by many graduates.

Law school is notoriously rigorous and lawyers often work many hours. Regardless, it can be a very rewarding career. Those who work in more esoteric legal matters can even bring home even more money. Lawyers also enjoy the benefit of being respected and well-connected in their community.

9. Air Traffic Controller – $122,950 per year

Air Traffic Controller
Travel by air is generally one of the safest and most efficient ways to travel. Air traffic controllers help ensure the safety of planes in the air. They advise pilots on weather conditions and route traffic on the airstrip to prevent collisions. Air traffic controllers also make flying convenient as well.

Becoming an air traffic controller only requires a bachelor’s degree and three years of on the job training. Although still a sizeable investment, it pales in comparison to the time involved with other six-figure jobs. Air traffic controllers must be willing to work late hours.

8. Judge – $126,930 per year

A step above a lawyer, judges oversee court cases. Judges hold authority over all other officials in a courtroom, and have the final say on legal matters. Whatever the case, the judge’s last word is law.

Judges are required to have at least a doctorate degree and many years of experience. Judges must also be very established in their jurisdiction. Once appointed, their position is typically secured for 4 to 14 years. They are appointed for life in some cases, such as that of Supreme Court judges.

7. Marketing Manager – $128,750

Marketing Manager
People are constantly bombarded with ads on the street, TV, and on social media. Advertisements are all around us, and a team of marketers is behind every one of them. As insignificant as it may seem, the right slogans, imagery, and overall appeal can reel in the dough. A successful advertisement can add millions to a company’s revenue. Marketing managers receive a big cut of it.

Marketing managers generally are required to have at least a bachelor’s degree. Prior experience in business is also helpful. Clever people with a knack for creating unique advertisements are sometimes hired, even if they have no experience.

6. Petroleum Engineer – $129,990 per year

Petroleum Engineer
The gas that powers our vehicles is available in part to petroleum engineers. Petroleum engineers find the best ways to extract petroleum from the ground. Drilling for oil cannot be done haphazardly. It requires patience, ingenuity, and grit.

One can become a petroleum engineer with a bachelor’s degree and on the job experience. A mechanical or civil engineering degree can also qualify. Working as a petroleum engineer requires many hours of work in the heat away from home.

5. Computer Systems Information Manager – $131,600 per year

IT Manager
We live in the digital age. That means most companies rely on computers to store data and complete tasks. Those computers are typically overseen by an IT (information technology) manager. They manage things such as data storage, software, and computer issues.

An IT manager needs a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related occupation. They are also to expected to have experience and knowledge or computer software, hardware, and repair. Many IT managers are also able to program.

4. Architectural Engineer / Engineering Manager- $132,800 per year

Architectural Engineer
The increasing world population means more people are needed to create buildings to house them in. Solid and aesthetically pleasing buildings require knowledgeable individuals to oversee their construction. They must also be capable of managing other individuals like themselves to collaborate on a project.

An architectural engineer needs to have at least a bachelor’s degree in architectural or a related engineering degree. They are also expected to have considerable work experience, especially if they plan to be a manager. If they wish to work more in the management, an MBA is beneficial.

3. Dentist – $152,700 per year

Although you may have dreaded trips to the dentist as a little kid, you may like working as one more. Essentials such as exams, retainers, and braces make dentistry highly profitable. Basic dental checkups seem insignificant, but a healthy mouth makes a world of a difference in one’s health.

Dentists need at least a doctorate degree to work. They must earn a bachelor’s degree in medical school before enrolling in a dentistry school. A dentist can begin their career after they gain the necessary education and experience.

2. Chief Executives – $175,110 per year

High level executives lead companies and manage people. They devise strategies to sell products, strengthen a brand, and improve productivity. A chief executive’s leadership can make the difference between a company thriving or crashing.

CEOs are usually required to have an MBA as well as many years of experience climbing the corporate ladder. However, some lead executives are creative entrepreneurs who founded their own businesses. They create their own career by launching a startup with a new idea.

1. Physicians and Doctors – 187,200 per year (and more!)

Medical professionals are vital all over the world. Although a broad field, the medical field is one of the highest paying industries. Physicians and specialized practitioners in particular earn large salaries. They are also highly respected in the community. The sky is the limit when it comes to a doctor’s salary – specialized surgeons and physicians who own their own practice can pull in millions.

A physician must have a minimum of doctorate degree. They must also have some sort of on the job experience such as an internship. When they become a doctor, they often work long hours as there is constantly someone who needs help. Despite the massive investment, becoming a physician pays off in more ways than a large salary.



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