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NBA Young Boy Net Worth 2018 – Real Earnings & Income

NBA Young Boy, also known as Never Broke Again Young Boy, is an up and coming rapper from Louisiana. He became popular after the release of 38 Baby, a mixtape put out near the end of last year. His career looked to be on the fast track for a bit, but a brief stay in jail last year for attempted murder slowed him down. He has been released and the hotly anticipated mixtape Al YoungBoy, was released in August of this year. I love taking a look into the net worth of rappers, especially the younger up and comers. They way they make money is usually very different than in other genres, where the primacy of the single and the album are the norm. In this genre the Mixtape and the featured credit are more important to the bottom line, as well as the social media money. Young Boy has been growing his fanbase steadily, and it is beginning to pay dividends. While his fortune right now is small, I have no doubt that it will grow exponentially soon enough, assuming that he can stay out of prison.

So let’s take a look at the career of NBA Young Boy, see where he made his money, and where he might be going in the future.

NBA Young Boy Net Worth 201007 – $250,000

How Did NBA Young Boy Make His Money & Wealth?

NBA Young Boy embedded e1503593763345 Kentrell DeSean Gaulden, better known as NBA young Boy, or Never Broke Again Young Boy, was born on Oto0ber 20th 1999. He grew up in Baton Rouge. He stopped going to school in 9th grade, and was arrested not long after for robbery. He was sent to a center for bad behavior, where he focused on writing for his debut project. Shortly after release he put out his debut mixtape, Life Before Fame.

The last two years have been a prolific time for the young rapper, with him putting out no less than eight mixtapes since 2015. He was in jail for a few months out of those 24 as well, making the feat all the more impressive. In the early days it is likely that his income came from adverting revenues rather than record sales, though I am sure that was also a strut. He toured in a number of places to promote his music, and used social media to grow his fanbase.

The most interesting strut of wealth that young rappers have is the verse. All those featured artist credits are worth money to the artist performing, and my investigations in the past have shown that rappers on the rise can earn $10,000 for a single verse, depending on the size of their fanbase and their talent. NBA Yong Boy has a few of those to his name, but less than I thought he would. According to my research Yong Boy does not get along with most of the other artists in his scene, and there are few featured credits to his name. he has apparently worked with Shy Grizzly and Federal 3X, but how much money changed hands is unknown. He has had a track show up on The Fast and the Furious 8 soundtrack album, which is great for exposure.

Overall, it is still early days in his career. the struts are there, and NBA Young Boy is making money, but his legal difficulties have slowed down his income a fair bit. His most recent mixtape release, Al YoungBoy, has been selling very well, actually reaching the charts, 24 in the Hot 200 Album Chart, but the singles released to support the record, Untouchable, No Smoke and Graffiti, have not been charting well, with Untouchable the only one to reach the Hot 100 Singles Chart. No Smoke hit number 105, or 5 in the bubbling under chart. I think the proliferation of streaming options have reduced the importance of singles sales by a fair bit, meaning that the artist can still be paid via ad revenue on YouTube and Spotify, but the numbers are small.

NBA Yong Boy has 1.8 million followers on Instagram, and while that is quite the leverage fanbase, the fact of the matter is that the most lucrative advertising deals are restrictive, and NBA Yong Boy’s issues with the law are likely preventing him from fully realizing the potential there.

NBA Young Boy Personal Life & FAQ

Is NBA Young Boy Married?

Not so far as I can tell. He is 17 still, won’t turn 18 for another month. He has three children to two woman right now, and claims to want to focus on raising a family and working on his music.

Where is NBA Young Boy from?

NBA Young Boy is from Baton Rouge Louisiana, he currently lives in New Orleans.

Why was NBA Young Boy Arrested?

Lots of different reasons. His first arrest came before the release of his first mixtape, for burglary. His next arrest was for something a little more serious, attempted murder. He was arrested after being identified as the shooter in a drive by. The drive by did not result in anyone losing their life, and while reports are all over the place, he did spend time in jail. the charges were reduced to aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, and the judge sentenced him to a 10 year suspended sentence, and three years probation. If he violates his probation he will be sent to prison.

Why was he called NBA Youngboy?

I have tried to find out the reason for the name, but have not found any interviews where he explains it himself. it is likely a reference to basketball. He goes by YoungBoy Never Broke Again these days, on the advice of his manager. It is probably to prevent future lawsuits from the basketball association.

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