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Casper Mattress Review – Should You Buy it in 2018?

Another day another mattress. This time I take a look at the Casper. A basic three layer foam design that claims to be one of the most versatile products on the market. It had a hard fight ahead of it, considering how much I enjoyed the Leesa, another three layer foam mattress. With so many mattresses using similar designs how will the Casper stand out from the crowd? If you’re in the market for a new bed, or on the fence, then read on to see if the Casper is right for you.

About Casper

Casper was first released to market in April of 2014 after raising nearly two million in investment capital that January. The company sold a million dollars of product within twenty eight days. It’s clear that the Casper has its proponents. Casper has gone on to have strong sales, and the firm tries to give back to the community by donating all returned products. All the big players in the mattress industry seem to be relatively new companies, maybe the old guard weren’t able to keep up with mattress tech. Whatever the reason Casper are clearly a company to watch.

The Casper Mattress Build Quality & Materials

casper layersI always begin at the top, so no changes to the formula here. The Casper’s topper is made from a Polyester/Polypropylene blend. The textile blend is manufactured in the US and Belgium. The material is nicely porous, and very hard wearing. For the more budget conscious designers Polyester based toppers are a great alternative to the more expensive cotton ones. From an aesthetic standpoint I was unimpressed. The best that could be said about this grey cuboid is that it is functional. The attention to small details tends to be telling about overall build quality. Directly beneath the cover layer is a fireproof sock. It has no impact on your comfort, but it does add an additional layer between you and the latex top foam.

Onto the the innards, and here we can see the familiar three layers of foam design. At base we have seven inches of support foam, both breathable and tough, atop that is one and a half inches of memory foam, excellent for conforming to the contours of your body, but has a tendency to retain heat, and finally we have one and a half inches of latex foam. Latex foam is cool, porous and durable, but there is a small chance of allergic reaction if you have a latex allergy. In most cases though latex allergies are triggered by proteins found in natural latex, not synthetic latex, so most people should be fine. The construction is very similar to the Leesa, but there are some key differences.

Casper Overall Review

I’ll be comparing this mattress to the Leesa a lot, apologies in advance. Laying on this mattress is comfortable, no question about it. The build quality is high and the material combination really is a winner, if you find one of these mattresses below market price then you have yourself one of the better mattresses on the market. You’ll find the mattress great for all sleeping positions and it has minimal dip when sleeping next to your partner. If I hadn’t slept on a Leesa before testing this mattress out I would have no trouble recommending it highly. The foam layers are cut blocks and the proportions of each is less than ideal. An extra inch of memory foam would have went a long way here. The latex layer doesn’t provide as much heat dissipation as I would like either, so if you find yourself overheating you know why. If you suffer from chronic back ache this bed will go some way to remedying that, but not as much as some other mattresses on the market. This is a one size fits all kinda deal. Regardless of that nit picking, this is still a great product.

Casper Mattress – Pricing & Returns Policy

I love this part of the article. This is the place where the decision is made for most of us. How much for a queen? Depends on what side of you’re city your on, but I digress. For a queen sized bed you’re looking at $850. Far from a bad price, but I have been unable to find any kind of incentives, like gift cards etc, or discounts. They do offer a nice monthly 0% finance option, $142 for six months. You end up paying two dollars more, but it does make this mattresses more attractive. See the breakdown below for the price for each available size.

Twin$50039″ x 75″ x 10″
Twin XL$60039″ x 80″ x 10″
Full$75054″ x 75″ x 10″
Queen$85060″ x 80″ x 10″
King$95076″ x 80″ x 10″
Cal King$99072″ x 84″ x 10″

Another feather in their cap is there delivery charge. They don’t have one. Most online foam mattress retailers tend to not charge for delivery, granted, but it’s still something to be thankful for. Good news if you live in the New York area too, Casper has recently teamed up with Uber to delivery their products direct tom your door. Their returns policy is top notch too. You get a full one hundred days to decide if the mattress is right for you, if you don’t like it they’ll refund you in full and send a courier to you to pick up the bed. They then donate it to charity, or a recycling centre. Add in the standard ten year warranty to round it out and you have a decent package here.

Casper Mattress – So Is it Worth it in 2018?

The Casper is a great mattress, in a world of amazing mattresses. it’s sad to be honest. If you go for the Casper, to save the scant few dollars you do in buying it, then you will love it, but know there are slightly better options out there. The core design of the Casper is like a striped down Leesa and in the end that is a bad thing.

2018 Coupon Code: Casper is making a better case by offering a $50 coupon code which brings it to a better value making it more competitive.  Personally I still prefer other options but when factoring in the discount it’s a pretty good offer and a better value than you’ll find in any brick and mortar shop.  To take advantage of the $50 coupon for Casper you can click here.

Mattress Add-Ons

Mattress Protector – As is usual I have a few products to recommend that everyone should have for their mattress. With the cover layer here being made of a polyester-blend, rather than a sturdy cotton or sturdier Lyrca, a mattress protector is a must. Take a look on and find the SafeRest. Best protector on the market in my opinion, I use one myself. Waterproof, noiseless, breathable and it protects against everything you could imagine, except werewolves, they’ll tear right through it I’m afraid. You can currently get it at a huge discount by clicking this link to automatically apply the discounted rate at
Sheets – Sounding a bit like a broken record at this point I know, but this time it’s of paramount importance you get yourself a damn good bed sheet. Make it high thread count cotton or make it may as well be sandpaper. Here’s a great one I got on amazon. 1500 Thread Count Wrinkle & Fade Resistant Egyptian Cotton Sheet.

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