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Dorco Pace 6 Plus Vs Dollar Shave Club The Executive – Razor Review

I have been having a ball with this project. I keep a clean-shaven face, and have developed a regime to keep it tight. Getting to try out all manner of razors has been a great experience. My bathroom is now filled with shaving products, and trying them out has been rewarding, for the most part. This week I will be comparing my experiences with the Pace 6 Plus by Dorco and The Executive by Dollar Shave Club. Both are high quality six bladed builds, I was excited to feel the difference.

Dollar Shave Club is one of my favorite brands. Their product is not simply a razor blade, but the entire shaving service. They offer a plethora of products that will suit your needs, and their pioneering delivery service is one of the best on the market. The company was founded by Mark Devine and Michael Dubin back in 2011, both were unhappy with the state of the razor industry, with their overpriced products, and were sick of forgetting to get razors. Their subscriptions service delivers a months worth of razors direct to your door, and you can customize the delivery to include all kinds of balms and pre shave accoutrements.

Dorco tend to the traditional, they offer a range of razors, at very reasonable prices, but have not got a subscription service in North America, they do in the United Kingdom though. Subscription razor services were a reaction to the overpriced nature of razors, and the fact that buying a replacement set of heads is an easy to forego expense. Dorco have addressed this by selling their products online at excellent prices.

Key differences here are obvious. Dorco and Dollar Shave Club have very different business models, but one to think about as a customer is the kept beard experience. Dorco are Korean, and beards are seldom worn there. The recent upswing in beard popularity in the west seems to have caught a fair few companies off guard, but not Dollar Shave Club. They offer a wide range of beard maintenance products, so consider them if you are looking to cultivate rather than prune.

The methodology is important, and I have spent many years honing my shaving style. Each blade will be tested against three days growth then again against 2 and a half days growth six days later. I will be using my own 5 step – 3 pass shaving method, if you are like me and prefer a clean-shaven face then this is the one to go for. First we use an exfoliant, to remove dead skin and allow the razor to glide. Next is the hot towel, this opens the pores and raises the hairs. Then we apply hot foam, get a cup full of hot water and just put the foam on top, will heat up nice and quick. Then the shave itself. First with the grain, perpendicular to the grain then a final pass against the grain. Finish up with a post shave balm, something with menthol in it to close your pores sharpish.

This is the week I was looking forward to when I started my comparison series between Dorco and Dollar Shave Club. The more blades the easier the shave, the easier the three pass shave at the very least. I cannot get enough of how close these things shave, and next week when I try out Dorco’s seven bladed razor I will be doubly excited.

So let’s get to cutting, or to not cutting, we’ll see how it goes.

The Fresh Blade – Dollar Shave Club The Executive Experience

Now we’re cooking. The last two weeks have been all about the base line products from Dorco and Dollar Shave Club, this week we are in the Flagships, the Executive and the Pace 6 Plus, two identical razors supplied in very different ways.

pre-shave-5 As I said, this is a supreme razor blade, the six blades are packed tight, so as to provide a near perfect shave in one with the grain stroke. Good enough for almost everybody, if not myself. The handle is balanced well, and has a nice sturdy, heft feel. I like a bit of weight to my razor handle, too light and it throws off my swing. This one is just right for medium length lilting strokes, near perfection. The lubricating strip is big here, bigger than most on the market, and it is under slung with an additional strip, allowing you to shave at your own speed and direction. Unfortunately I have no idea what’s in it, as that information is hard to come by.

post-shave-2 On to the shave, and let me tell you brother, this thing slides by perfectly. This is the first Dollar Shave Club blade that matches the Dorco equivalent in terms of straight up closeness, not too much of a surprise considering Dorco supplies them. The mark of a good multi blade is its ability to shave to nothing on a single stroke. I found after the first pass that subsequent passes were almost unnecessary, but I’m a stickler, and by the end of the shave I was left clean and pristine.

I say that the razors with fewer blades are better for beard trimming, but they tend to not come with a back handle trimmer, which are great for the area below the nose. It means that if you want ultimate control over your shave you will have t buy an Executive or a Pace 6 and the like. For those of you who prefer the to the bone shave, a trimmer makes shaving the Adam’s apple a joy, and long time readers will know how hard I find that area.

The Fresh Blade – Dorco Pace 6 Plus Razor Experience

pre-shave-4 I cannot get enough of this razor. It’s been a week or so since I used one, but I have shaved with it three times in the past for other reviews. It is like an old friend, and until I test out the Pace 7 it is likely to be my personal go to blade after I finish up all of these reviews.

The handle is perfect for me, the weight is just right, and the ridges allow you to maintain a light grip, without fear of it falling. The lubricating strip is a little different from the lesser Dorco blades, Aloe Vera, Vitamin E and Lavender. No Allantoin in sight, but seen as it is paradoxically more difficult to cut yourself with a 6 bladed razor, that solution to cuts seems unnecessary. The range of motion to the pivot head is fantastic too, the blade will conform to even the sharpest of jaw lines easily.

I have a go to word to describe my shaving experience with the Dorco Pace 6 Plus, sublime. Each stroke easy, and the third pass almost superfluous. As with the executive, there is little to no pull from this six bladed monster, and the tightness of the shave after the first pass is one of the best on the market. The final pass went by smoother than other blades too, there being less on the skin. If you are after a stubbled look, then you will have to look elsewhere.

post-shave-7 Again, much like the Executive, the trimmer at the back is great. I used it on the tricky upper lip and Adam’s apple, giving me a tighter shave, with other blades I have to be left satisfied with minor roughness in those areas, thankfully that is not the case with either of these blades.

Well, fresh bladed Executive’s and Pace 6 Plus’ work wonders, but we’re not done with these blades yet, let’s see how they do after a week sitting out.

The Dull Blade – Dorco Pace 6 Plus Vs Dollar Shave Club The Executive

This is a section for the thrifty. I want to know if how usable a blade is after the first week or so. I knew going into this that I would do a little damage, but it is a sacrifice I was willing to make. Thankfully this week we are testing 6 bladed builds, so they didn’t hurt quite as much.

The executive and the Pace 6 Plus are the same razor, so they must have the same longevity. Stands to reason. So let’s talk about the latter-day shave on these six bladed builds. I am impressed. I have shaved with lesser blades a few days later and been near cut to ribbons, but the mark of a good multi blade is its ability to shave close up to a week later, and both of these do that. There is some minor pull in the first stroke, but after a moment I found that easy rhythm, came away from the shave pristine and usual. If you are going for the ease of use of the Dollar Shave Club delivery method the Executive is the only one that really lives up to it.

Conclusion & Pricing – Dorco Pace 6 Plus Vs Dollar Shave Club The Executive

Welcome to the section that Dollar Shave Club usually wins hands down. The price. And while that as held true for both the Pace 4 and the Pace 3, the Pace 6 Plus is going to surprise you. The Executive will cost you $9 per month, that’s a handle and 5 cartridges per month. That’s $111 per year. Not to shabby. The Dorco Pace 6 Plus is $44.40 for the handle and 26 cartridges, due to a discount on the 24 cartridge pack at the moment. Expect to pay $64.40 normally. Works out, at 5 cartridges per month, to $103 per year.

There is one area that Dollar Shave Club have the edge, pun intended. The range of products offered by Dollar Shave Club is very impressive. If you like to have all the hassle removed from your razor shopping, and the ability to customize a monthly order to your exact specifications, then Dollar Shave Club are certainly worth it, the quality of customer service is amazing, and the personalized nature of the business impresses me. Dorco do not offer any accoutrements other than foam, but their blade heads and handles are interchangeable, unlike Dollar Shave Club. Changing a head in Dollar Shave Club is easy though, just tell them and pay the higher price.

This isn’t as hard to call as the other Pace Vs Dollar Shave Club articles. Dollar Shave Club usually have the edge in price, and offer the better service and the wider range of products. For a change it is actually more expensive to go with them, so this match goes to the Dorco. The Pace 6 Plus is still my favorite razor on the market, though we’ll see how it fares against the Pace 7.

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    • Yes, see my previous comment. Dorco is the supplier of blades and handles to Dollar Shave Club. They are exactly the same.

  1. You do realize that Dorco is the supplier of blades and handles to Dollar Shave Club, don’t you? The Dorco Pace 6 Plus blade and handle is exact same as the Dollar Shave Club Executive. Dollar Shave Club buys it from Dorco and just re-brands it as the “Executive”


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