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PAX Labs Juul & Juul Pod Review – A Beautiful E Cig

PAX Labs is always making interesting little devices. Before the PAX there existed an electronic cigarette that took specific Ploom cylinders, but unfortunately that has gone the way of the dodo. Now PAX Labshas introduced their new contribution to the electronic cigarette market, the Juul Pod system.

 PAX Labs Juul Review – A Beautiful E-Cig

The Juul electronic cigarette is billed as a cigalike, and is a very lightweight and discrete device. It maintains this small form factor even when equipped with on of Juul’s propriety pods. Which may be the biggest caveat to recommending the device. You have to use specific e-liquid pods, sold exclusively by Ploom.

The design of the Juul Pods, which contain the actual e juice and atomizer
The design of the Juul Pods, which contain the actual e juice and atomizer

The Juul is charged via USB, which is shipped with the Juul. The Juul’s main body, the battery itself, magnetically draws into the slot and stays firm while charging. Unfortunately, the magnet is a tad strong and can cause your computer or laptop to enter sleep mode if it is placed near a hard drive. The Juul battery charges in about 45 minutes to an hour, depending on the age of it; inside the Juul is a lithium ion battery which should last for about 2 to 3 hours of vaping. On the body of the Juul is a button which glows, and tapping it twice will cause it to glow green, yellow or red, depending on the amount of life left in the battery.

The Juul only accepts Juul pods, which are sold directly through PAX Labs and are available at some retailers. Unfortunately, despite the Juul’s attractiveness, these are not a good deal; a 4 pack of flavors are available for $15.99, but with free shipping. Flavors available in Juul Pods from Ploom include tabaac, miint, fruut, creme bruule, a multi-pack of those four flavors and coco miint. Ploom allows for a users to automatically place an order every month, which saves the user 15% as well as giving them free shipping. These Juul pods contain approximately .7 mL of juice, and are 5% nicotine by weight – this should be equal to 1 pack of cigarettes, or approximately 200 – 250 puffs.

The Juul looks like what would happen if Apple attempted to make an electronic cigarette. It is a very sleek, minimalist looking device. Its use of swap-able pods resembles the design philosophy of the Blu. The battery is rechargeable, and the replacement parts contain both the atomizer and the juice. The Juul has a very unique taste to it, since it only accepts Juul pods. Unfortunately, this also greatly hurts the potential of the Juul, as the device does not allow for the great customization that some electronic cigarettes have. If Ploom allowed for Juul Pods to be refilled by the user they may be more popular.

Is the PAX Labs Juul Right For You?

The contents of your first purchase of the Juul; it includes all the flavors for you to sample!
The contents of your first purchase of the Juul; it includes all the flavors for you to sample!

The Juul is a very aesthetically pleasing device. Unfortunately, it falls flat due to its lack of accessibility. I could find no shops near me that had the Juul or Juul pods available, despite knowing of several stores that carry the PAX. The Juul Pods are fairly expensive, costing $15.99 for a 4-pack which would last a user around 800 puffs or 4 packs of cigarettes – that’s a $1 savings for every time you have to reload. This is terrible value compared to some electronic cigarettes available, considering homemade juice can cost a user $5 to $6 for the same price as a Juul Pods 4-pack. However, if convenience and savings are not an issue for the user, then the Juul is a neat little device that can be critical in helping a user to quit smoking.

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