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Snowfox Total Video Converter Review

Converting files is annoying. So many different devices use so many different formats that sometimes it can be difficult to keep track of what should go where, or what type of file means what exactly. Fortunately, SnowFox Total Video Converter is here to solve that issue! SnowFox is an all-in-one video converter that can take files from a wide arrange of formats, and publish them in an even wider range of formats. Read on more to learn about SnowFox Total Video Converter and how it can make managing your media, and your life, so much easier.

What is SnowFox Total Video Converter?

As mentioned above, SnowFox is a video converter. However, rather than take an ugly, gritty approach meant for people who know a lot about computers, SnowFox is a breath of fresh air. The interface is surprisingly sleek and easy to navigate, so users that may be a little elderly can still manage to transfer their files. SnowFox is capable of converting both audio and video formats, and can even rip the audio from a video file so you’re left with just the audio track.

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A screenshot of SnowFox Total Video Converter’s UI

This is useful namely for owners of older devices, such as a Zune, iPod, or any other type of media player that existed pre-smartphone. These devices are a lot more picky with their preferred file format and even storage method (NTFS vs FAT), so getting your file to work may not exactly be the walk in the park that you think it is.

Using SnowFox Total Video Converter

SnowFox is equipped with numerous codecs, which makes converting files a breeze. True to its name, SnowFox may not be the total video converter, but it is the next closest thing; it can convert files into formats like MP4, AVI, WMV, MP3, AAC, and AC3. You can also optionally choose to trim the file being converted, edit it in small but important ways (stretching it from 100% speed to 75% speed or 125% speed, for example), add subtitles, and even batch process large amounts of files.

SnowFox is actually not very resource intensive, I found, which is both a good thing and a bad thing – converting large files sometimes takes a little longer than other programs, but this can be run in the background. My SnowFox Total Video Converter experience did not use more than a gigabyte of RAM and used a very, very low amount of CPU resources – it’s rare to find a conversion program that can use multithreaded cores to reduce the amount of workload. I was able to keep browsing the internet, playing games, send messages and I never felt like I was using a lot of resources to convert my files.3 4

Batch processing is a little big buggy, as some of my files were either corrupted or came out with different names than I had specified in the output. However, batch processing is already a very touchy procedure, but I am sure this has been fixed in subsequent patches and updates. I run a very old version of Windows 7 64 bit, so this complaint could possibly be ignored by anyone running a newer system or anyone who uses Windows 7 with a service pack.

SnowFox Total Video Converter is available on Windows 2k, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8. Unfortunately, it does not appear that SnowFox has any plans to launch a native version for Windows 10, but this is still subject to change. SnowFox Total Video Converter offers a free trial that can convert up to 90 seconds of video/audio, but the full release is a $49 purchase available from their website at . There is also a Mac version that can be downloaded from the Apple Store, but I cannot speak on any of that side as I do not own or use a Mac. However, if it is just like the Windows edition, it will be one of your favorite converting programs.



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