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What Happened to the Home Decorators Collection Catalog? – 2024 Update

HomeDecoratorsHome Decorators Collection was a furniture retailer known for their unique approach to home decoration. The company was a favorite of many home decorators – even before internet shopping was completely mainstream. Before the upsurge in popularity of internet shopping, many people got inspiration from catalogs in the mail. And while Home Decorators Collection not only had regular catalogs jam-packed with choices, they had a great website as well.

Once lauded nationwide, the decor company seemingly faded into obscurity shortly after being acquired by Home Depot in 2006. Additionally, the reviews left for the company aren’t as favorable as they used to be. This was no small company – Home Decorators Collection had 3.3 million people on their mailing list at their peak, so what exactly changed?

Why did Home Decorators Collection’s Quality Go Downhill?

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Prior to the acquisition, Home Decorators collection had a cult following among homeowners nationwide. However, it seemed that all the things customers lauded about the company changed shortly after Home Depot’s acquisition. The signature quality and style of the beloved brand changed, presumably from Home Depot’s choice to switch up manufacturing processes. Now, the items looked and felt generic and low-quality.

Many review sites for Home Decorators Catalog are now saturated with negative reviews lamenting the downfall of the company. Previous loyal customers have noted that wait times are longer, the site is less intuitive, and current products are just not as good as they used to be. While there are some exceptions, the outlook is grim overall.

One of the other things that made Home Decorators Catalog stand out was its great website. Customers could easily navigate to whatever they wanted with minimal effort. Additionally, there were showroom photos provided for almost every item, which gave customers a solidified idea of how much space their chosen furniture item took up. After the merge, all of the items were moved into Home Depot’s online catalog, in a much less organized fashion.

Given that over a decade has passed since the merge, it’s unlikely that former Home Decorators catalog customers will rise up and protest – reviews online indicate they have already moved on. Many customers have happy memories of the company that once served them and their families, and some still hold on hope for the future too.

What Happened to the Home Decorators Collection Catalog – 2024 Updates

When the world-renowned Home Depot acquired the Home Decorators Collection Catalog, it marked a significant turn in the home decor industry. This acquisition meant that one of the largest home improvement retailers was now also a leading player in the home decor market.

The transition brought about not just a change in ownership, but also several strategic modifications that had a significant impact on the Home Decorators Collection Catalog.

Prior to the acquisition, the Home Decorators Collection Catalog was known for its comprehensive range of stylish and high-quality furniture and accessories, providing customers with an extensive selection of home decor items.

Upon its acquisition by Home Depot, the catalog underwent a transformation to align with the broader vision and strategy of its new parent company. One of the most noticeable changes was the digitization of the catalog.

In an era where online shopping has become increasingly prevalent, Home Depot made a strategic decision to phase out the printed version of the Home Decorators Collection Catalog. The entire collection was moved online, making it more accessible to a wider audience. This move was in sync with Home Depot’s ongoing efforts to strengthen its online presence and deliver a seamless shopping experience to its customers.

In addition to going digital, the product range of the Home Decorators Collection Catalog also saw significant enhancements. Home Depot brought in more variety and expanded the product lines to include everything from furniture and lighting to rugs and bath linens. The aim was to offer customers a one-stop shop for all their home decor needs.



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