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What Happened to Jonny Fairplay – News & Updates

Jonny Fairplay is a pro wrestler and reality television personality, who is most known for playing in Survivor: Pearl Islands, where he made it to the final 3. He’s regarded as the biggest Survivor villain in history.

Jonny Fairplay Early Life

Jon Dalton might be his real name, but most people know him through his other name, Jonny Fairplay. He was born in March of 1974 in Virginia. Jonny went to George Washington School in Danville, Virginia, then to Virginia Polytechnic Institute in Blacksburg.


Jonny was a contestant on Survivor:. Every move Jonny played was meant to advance him.  Jonny created good relationships with his tribemates, being one of the most trusted in the group. Fairplay’s tribe, Drake, was very strong in challenges, and didn’t have to go to tribal council until day 12.

At the first tribal council, Jonny managed to get rid of Burton Roberts. Soon after Michelle Tesauro, was voted out. At the third tribal council, Jonny attempted to have Rupert out. This failed, and Rupert lost his trust for Jonny, but Fairplay eventually managed to get on his good side again.

Survivor: Pearl Islands is the season which allowed all of the members to come back who were voted out in the tribe, with two of them given the change to re-join the game. These two players were Burton Roberts and Lillian Morris, both who Fairplay voted to get rid of. Burton was upset with Jonny, but the two buried the hatchet and became very friendly, controlling the votes after the tribal merger.

Jonny’s greatest move was planned before the game even started. Before he left home, Jonny assumed there would be some sort of family visit challenge. So he instructed his friend Dan to come and tell him that his grandma died. He did that, and the other payers let Fairplay win the game, out of sympathy. When he got back to the camp with his friend Dan, it was revealed to the audience that it was all a lie. Jonny said: “My grandmother is sitting home watching Jerry Springer!” Jeff Probst called it “the greatest lie in Survivor history.”

At the final 5, the women voted together, and Burton, who was Jonny’s closest ally, was voted out. In order to stay in the game, Fairplay managed to create friction between them all. At the final 3, Fairplay didn’t end up winning the immunity, and was voted out of the game by Lillian Morris. Sandra Diaz-Twine won the season.

Jonny would return to the show in 2008 for Survivor: Micronesia. But in a move that surprised everybody, he asked the other players to write his name down during the first tribal council. He motivated his decision by saying his heart just was not in it due to his girlfriend back home who was pregnant with his kid. He said the timing wasn’t right, and that if he had been called back to the show one year before, or one year after, things would have been different.

 What’s Jonny Fairplay Doing Now in 2018 – Recent Updates

After Survivor, Jonny went back to his wrestling career. He was signed to Total Nonstop Action Wrestling, and other wrestling companies. He also continued to be a reality television star. He showed up on Dr. Phil, Celebrity Poker Showdown and other related shows.

Jonny did not participate in Survivor: Heroes vs Villains. In 2016 interview, Jonny said he was a licensed realtor in the state of Virginia. He also said he was engaged again.


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