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Saatva Vs Layla – Mattress Review

The now classic Saatva is one of the only coil based designs I have tested over the last few months, and it was the second bed I reviewed. The vast majority of companies are moving away from coils, they are expensive to produce, and while they provide superior support in some ways, they are not better in every respect. The Layla is a top quality mattress that has some interesting tech solutions to common mattress problems. The old issue of heat retention is fixed in coil designs by virtue of the coils themselves, but in all foam mattresses firms have had to get creative, using all manner of heat dissipating materials and builds. None bar Layla have went with copper though. Read on for the full comparison.

Company Vs Company – Layla Vs Saatva

Again, Saatva are a great company, and they donate all returned mattresses, but beyond that fact I cannot find anything else out about their charity work. I have emailed the firm hoping to get more details, but thus far have nothing else to report. Layla have plenty of charity work under their belt, and the work they are doing with the homeless in and around the San Francisco area has been fantastic. The make sure to donate to shelters with every mattress sale, not something seen often elsewhere. Add in the fact that they donate all returned mattresses and we have some of the best philanthropic policies in the business.

Winner – Layla

Layla Vs Saatva Mattress Build Quality and Materials

Layla Innards The classic Saatva is one of my all time favorites, so I’ll try not to be too biased. They use a 100% pure cotton topper though, which makes it very hard to beat them. Cotton is the king of mattress topper materials, not only is it supremely comfortable, but it is also very durable and porous. In addition the coil spring Saatva comes with a euro-style pillow top, something that no foam based design can boast. A pillow top is essentially a built in pillow, usually they are not flush with the bed, and stick out. Euro-style means that the pillow top is flush with the mattress, leading to a far more aesthetically pleasing design. Overall a fantastic topper, and well worth the money. Layla differ from most other companies, in that they have not released the material breakdown of their mattress cover. This makes it very difficult to judge the durability and breathability of the mattress. We do know that they infused thermogel into the topper, similar to how some companies use gel inserts with their memory foam. This leads to superior cooling, as the thermogel will react to your change of temperature much faster. Between the two o them I think the Saatva is the more impressive, but the Layla is better for cooling.

Winner – Saatva

saatva The inside of these two are very different. The Saatva is a coil spring design, whereas the Layla is a foam based mattress. Both are comfortable, but one is better than the other. The Layla is three tiered, but in reality is closer to two tiered. It is reversible, with a soft side and a firm side. If you lay on the soft side you have 1″ of copper-infused memory foam at the base topped with 6″ of base foam. The foundation memory foam would not add much to the overall comfort here. The top layer is 3″ of copper infused memory foam. Copper infusion is just another tool in the cooling toolbox, and I was greatly impressed to see it used so well here. The Layla site does talk about the medicinal qualities of copper, and it is true that copper is absorbed through the skin and does have anti-inflammatory properties, but the effect is less than that of a 200mg ibuprofen pill. That and in the mattress it is embedded in the memory foam and beneath two layers of fabric, so don’t expect to reap any of the minimal medical benefits. The site is careful to not claim their mattress does any of this though. Overall this is a great mattress, with the best cooling on the market, but it might be too soft for some,l even on the firm side.

The Saatva comes in a variety of firmness levels, but I have only tested the Plush Soft, so let’s talk about that one. At base the Saatva has steel coils, leading to better individual contouring, even if coil spring is not as good for multiple occupants. Next up is the wrapped contour coils, which provide superior contouring over memory foam, expect excellent lumbar support. The final layer is memory foam, just adding to the comfort provided by the wrapped coil layer. Overall this is one of the more impressive mattresses on the market, and due to the nature of  coil design, you do not need to worry about cooling.

Winner – Draw

Layla Vs Saatva Overall Review

Comparing a coil spring mattress to a memory foam build is difficult. they each have different problems. Memory foam build struggle with heat retention, and Layla has done a wonderful job fixing it. Coil mattresses are less suited to more than one sleeper at a time, as the sleeping contour of one person will warp that of the other, unlike in a memory foam build. It really depends on what you’re looking for. I have to call this one a draw, there is too many differences.

Winner – Draw

Saatva Vs Layla – Pricing & Returns Policy

Well it looks like these two are identically priced in the Queen. Looks like, but aren’t. The table below does not take into account the price of delivery for a Saatva, $99, nor the discount on the Layla, $100. So the adjusted price for each sits at $799 for the queen sized Layla, and $998 for the Saatva. Still, that is not as big a difference as you would expect, considering what is inside these two mattresses. I would have to judge the Saatva as better value for money, even if the Layla is slightly cheaper.

SizeLaylaLoom and Leaf
Twin XL$599$699
Cal King$999$1299

The customer service policies offered by both of these firms is fantastic. Layla offer a full 120 nights of sleep testing, matching Saatva’s. The Big change here is the warranty. While Saatva do offer a longer than the standard warranty of 15 years, compared to the 10 offered by most others, Layla steps it up a notch by offering a lifetime warranty. Considering that the average lifespan of a mattress is ten years, both of these warranties will be well worth it in the long run. I have to call this section for Layla, they offer the better warranty, and they are cheaper. The Saatva is still fantastic value, but in this head to head they come up short.

Winner – Layla

Saatva Vs Layla – Conclusion

Well would you look at that. The mighty Saatva out done by a lower priced bed. Don’t get me wrong, if we are comparing the build quality and layout the Saatva wins, but when we factor in everything else, the price, the cooling the companies, this becomes a far closer show. If you want the coils beneath you like the days of yore then the Saatva is really the only option in the Direct to consumer market, but with the cooling quality and comfort on offer by Layla, and that low price, I have to call for them.

Overall winner – Layla

Saatva & Layla Coupon Codes & Discounts – 2018 Update

We’ve done the work for you and tracked down any available discounts and coupon codes for both these mattresses.

Layla Coupon Code For 2018 –

Step 1: Click on this link to apply the discount rate

Step 2: Use the coupon code LOVE79 when checking out and you’ll save $79.

Saatva Best Price Online – 

If you’re interested in the Saatva you can get it for the best price online, direct from the manufacturer Saatva by clicking here. Saatva doesn’t offer coupon codes ever.  You can read why on their website if you want more information on why this is.


Bedding Add-Ons

Mattress Protector – If you spend your money on something this expensive and fail to adequately protect it there is little blame to place elsewhere. Remember to pick up a mattress protector. I bought a SafeRest, because some other review site told me they were the best. It works well, and I am certain it protects against spills and fire, don’t ask. clicking this link to automatically apply the discounted rate at
Sheets – You are going to want a high thread count cotton sheet, if you don’t already have one. i cannot overstate how comfortable they are, and you will feel what I mean when you buy one. there really is a world of difference between a low quality and a high quality sheet. Here are the one’s I bought, but you don’t have to buy these, just remember the phrase high thread count cotton and you’ll be fine. clicking this link to automatically apply the discounted rate at

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