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Help Scout Promo Code – Best Coupons in 2022

Managing email can be a hassle.  Especially when you have multiple accounts and tons of emails coming in.  HelpScout makes it way easier by essentially building a fully featured but super intuitive customer service “helpdesk” in the form of an email inbox. To save some money on HelpScout use the coupon code below!

HelpScout Coupon Code in March 2022

HelpScout is currently offering a pretty nice promo code for a $50 free credit. To activate and use the coupon code do the following:

Step 1) HelpScout makes it super easy. To activate and apply the promo code to your account all you need to do is click here!

That’s it! You don’t even need to enter a code to get the discount, just need to click the link above. Based on your plan this free $50 could be up to a few months of service.

About HelpScout

HelpScout was first founded in 2011 and quickly grew to over 8000 companies in 140 countries using it to provide personalized support to their customers. HelpScout offers 3 different plans and is billed on a per-user basis.

The basic plan offers a team shared inbox and can manage up to 10 unique users.  It also allows some of the basic automation features like saved replies, live chat via beacon, mentions and a 30-day history of reports.

The next plan is the Standard plan which includes all the same things as the basic plan but allows unlimited users, 5 unique mailboxes, satisfaction ratings, api access, and integrations with over 50 different apps like Slack and Trello.

Last but not least is the Plus plan which takes all the things from the Standard plan and adds in Salesforce integration, Hubspot Integration, SAML sign-on, teams, IP restrictions, Custom fields, and is fully HIPPA Compliant.

So for calculating pricing just take the plan you want and multiply by how many separate logins you want. So if you need 2 separate login accounts for 2 different employees the basic plan would cost $14×2=$28.

HelpScout is a huge upgrade over standard email inboxes and makes customer service a piece of cake! Take advantage of the promo code above and get started today!



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