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Leesa Vs Tempur-Pedic Flex Supreme 2018 Update

It’s not often that one product soundly thrashes another. Tempur-Pedic is one of the old guard in the mattress market. They started selling in the US all the way back in 1992 and while they are continuing to evolve their mattress designs they have yet to edit their prices to match competitors. The Direct to Consumer mattress market is set to destroy the old guard, what with them being able to provide bespoke quality mattresses at ludicrously low prices

Leesa is one of the early innovators in the direct to consumer mattress market. They arrived on the scene in 2013 with a tweaked three-tier foam design. That style of mattress has become the standard, as has free shipping, hundred day trial periods and that ever important donation of returned mattresses. So which of these two fine products comes out on top? Read on to find out.

Company Vs Company – Leesa Vs Tempur-Pedic

This is a difficult section to call. This section is for judging the charity offered by both firms, as how much a company is willing to give back to the community is an important thing to consider when getting into bed with one, aha! Leesa has done its best to give back, they donate all returned mattresses. Granted that is something of a standard in the industry, but they also offer discounts to veterans, always good to see. They also donate a new mattress for every ten sold. That last one is amazing, no other firm can claim that. Tempur-Pedic is a much bigger company though, and they have been around for a lot longer. They have a whole slew of events, donations and even links to an array of charitable organizations. In all, while Leesa do a wonderful job with what they have, Tempur-Pedic have more, and by extension have given more. I can only hope that others follow their example.

Winner – Tempur-Pedic

Tempur-Pedic Flex Supreme Vs Leesa Mattress Build Quality and Materials

leesa I like to start this section off with a detailed look at the topper material. This time that isn’t really possible. While I can, and will, go into fine detail about the material Leesa uses, Tempur-Pedic has not seen fit to release that information. Nor have they released the information on the exact make up of their mattresses. They are the only firm who have not given the consumer a complete breakdown of materials used, their densities and their size. I do know that the top part of the topper is soft and white. It is also designed to help manage any excess sweating on the part of the user. It comes off easily, a rare enough thing in the market, and is machine washable. Leesa uses a Lycra-blend, known for its durability, cutting it with polyester allows it to breathe and overall it is very comfortable. The mattress has four horizontal stripes running through it, if you’ve seen the designs others use you know the Leesa is a veritable Picasso.

Winner – Leesa

tempur pedic On to the insides, and with the Leesa I can again give an in-depth break down of the materials used. At base we have six inches of support foam. This layer is porous and dense, preventing heat build up and providing the required lumbar support. On top of that is two inches of memory foam, this conforms to your contours wonderfully but has issues with heat retention. That heat retention is dissipated by the Avena foam top layer. Avena foam is similar to Latex foam, but more responsive and provides better cooling. That Avena foam is also molded to better allow you access to the memory foam, creating superior body contouring. The Tempur-Pedic Flex Supreme is known to be 11.5″ and made from four layers. The base layer is a basic foundation foam, this is followed by a coil layer, a TEMPUR-Response material, which seems to be a home-grown variant of memory foam, and a final layer of TEMPUR-ES material. All in all it feels great, but without that material breakdown, or a fair amount of time to study it, I can’t give you a full estimation.

Winner – Leesa

Leesa Vs Tempur-Pedic Flex Supreme

Overall Review

This is not a hard one to judge. The Flex Supreme is a great product, no arguments here. It is comfortable and provides excellent back support. But I have no idea what it is made of. I don’t know how thick the memory foam is, I don’t know how they solved the heat retention issue, and I don’t know how durable or porous their cover material is. I know all of those things with the Leesa, and I know it provides a fantastic sleeping experience.

Winner – Leesa

Tempur-Pedic Flex Supreme Vs Leesa – Pricing & Returns Policy

When it comes to the direct to consumer mattress market their a few things that are standard. Free shipping, low prices and discounts galore. And while Tempur-Pedic seems to have one of those things down pat, they are sorely lacking in the other two. That $2699 for the queen is frankly astounding in the online marketplace. Leesa offer a bed that is, in many ways, the better sleeping experience for $890. In addition that comes with a $75 discount, and a $25 Target gift card. That makes the adjusted price $790. You could buy nearly three and a half queen-sized Leesa’s for the price of one Flex Supreme.

SizeTempur-Pedic Flex SupremeLeesa
Twin XL$2199$625
Cal King$3299$990

On to the customer service policies, and while Tempur-Pedic may be behind in their pricing, they can match policy with the best of them. Tempur-Pedic give you 90 days to test out your mattress. More than enough time to acclimate then decide if it’s for you. Leesa offer 100, and sure that’s more time, but it is unlikely you will need it. They both offer the standard ten-year warranty, and remember that covers visible sag. Due to the longevity of the company I would rank Tempur-Pedic’s warranty as worth slightly more, but with those prices in this market that may quickly change.

Leesa Vs Tempur-Pedic Flex Supreme – Conclusion

See what I mean about the blood bath? Temper-Pedic must be dong something right, I mean, they are still selling, it’s the only way they can still be charging so much for their products. But with the increasing popularity of the Direct to Consumer model, and the competition in that industry offering products on par with, and in many way surpassing the Flex Supreme, I just don’t know for how long Tempur-Pedic an get away with charging so much. All told, the Leesa is the better mattress, both in terms of price and comfort.

Best of all you can take advantage of a $75 discount on the Leesa right now by clicking here to automatically apply the coupon code. 

Overall Winner – Leesa

Bedding Add-Ons

Mattress Protector – If you drop any amount of money on your mattress you’re going to want something to protect it. A good mattress is an investment, and one that will pay dividends in good night’s sleep. Get yourself a mattress protector. I use a SafeRest, because someone online told me they were the best. Not too sure if that’s true but I do know for a fact that they protect against accidental Pepsi Max. They are also fire and bug resistant, but thus far I have been unable to check. Be sure to click the link for a discount.
Sheets – While not as important as your mattress, a good sheet is still able to transform a sleeping experience. The only thing I insist on is that it be high thread count cotton. Doesn’t really matter the brand, so long as it is those two things. I got myself a few of these, 1500 Thread Count Wrinkle & Fade Resistant Egyptian Cotton Sheet, and they are great.

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